Saturday 9 September 2023

Garden Affair : Wishbone blooming season

                                                This year  Monsoon was unpredictable with rains coming to and fro and now when the time for bid adieu to monsoon its revival for a certain period is unanticipated . 

Wishbone flower or popularly known as Torenia is a monsoon season delight with its intrinsic flower blooming in cluster grabbing attention of bees to earthling. 


Why is Torenia called Wishone flower                                                                                              

It cames from the fact the stamens of the flower joins together in a formation that resembles the wishbone of birds.    These are annual plants that grow well in rainy season .                                                                                                                          


Growing period and care 

Torenia is grown from seeds which are sown in late summer ,it requires well fertilized soil for good growth which need to be well drained soil . The wishbone plant grows easily without much hassle and can be grown in hanging pots or baskets as they grow in bushy form.  

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  1. The flowers look adorable!
    The weather here is also unpredictable - there were heavy thunderstorms in neighboring towns, but in our case there were only a few drops of rain. Climate change will still offer us a few “surprises”, but we will love very few of them.
    All the best, Traude
    🌺🪶🍂 🪶🌺

  2. Beautiful. I don't think I know them...

  3. I can see how the wishbone flower can be attractive to bees. Its bold pattern certainly caught my eye.

  4. The unpredictability of this year's monsoon has certainly kept us on our toes, hasn't it? Wishbone flower is a delightful gift from the monsoon season.

  5. What a nice view you offer with these pretty flowers.
    Lovely colors!
    Happy WW, Arun! Have a fantastatic week!


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