Sunday 14 July 2019


Are rain blessings from god ...then why god is biased in showering blessings .After long hot summer we were blessed with good showers (Blessings) until end of the last month .Where rain is creating havoc in southern part of country ...North western part is still in anticipation of satisfactory rain where conditions of  drought can't be ruled out .
Although Good Monsoon directly effects the growth of the economy of the country,excess or less of Rain pour may have major detrimental effects individually/on the state as whole for the upcoming year.
Hope blessings should be equally showered ,where everything is good about rain it always revive or resurrect garden after horrendous summer bringing  greenery back  and giving perfect environment for flowers  to bloom.

                                         A picture can't justify the beauty of Peacock flower  

A sunbird or even hummingbird can easily be spotted on this beautiful FIREBUSH.

Pretty little Pentas  flower

Rain brings Rain lily back to blooms

Petunias waving high with drop in temperatures

Colorful blooms of Portulaca and Purslane 

Fresh Homegrown organic harvest of Java Plum /Jamun

GALPHIMIA or Golden shower bush

And White water lily is back after some time

May the Raingod shower its blessings to everyone.                                                                        

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