Saturday 19 August 2017

Tailorbird nest spotted

Tailorbird is the common scene in my garden that small insectivorous bird with greenish body ,rust colored forehead and crown.Its chirp is sweet to ears ,frolicking around within leaves and hedge of garden is a watchable affair .

I have never known about its nest until spotted in my garden on Asoca tree .I was amazed with how a bird uses leaves to make nest by weaving leaves .I researched about it and got to know ,The edges of a large leaf are pierced and sewn together with plant fibre or spider silk to make a cradle in which the actual nest is built.


                                                      Leaves are sewed to make nest

On giving a zoom to camera few hatchling were easily spotted 

It uses leaves as a pouch to carry nest safely and thereby protecting its child or hatchlings .It seems to be nesting period for birds as pigeons in my backyard are also making nest on porch .

Happy Gardening


Monday 14 August 2017

Flowers in my balcony

Balcony is that part of the home that gives enlarged open space to the living space.It gives the space to get refresh yourself  spending time with nature ,space available can also be utilized for growing plants and adding beauty to your space.

    I had kept some planters all over the railing and pots to grow flowers in my balcony.

                                                         Euphorbia flower

                                                              Torenias in hanging pot

                                                                 Cape jasmine

                                                                   Baby sun rose plant

                                                            Ivy Gourd Flowering

Begonia Flower


                                                                     Cosmos Flower

                                                                  Trailing Gomphrena

                                                                 Startling Ixora

Balconies are good space to grow flowers and vegetables specially if  there is no space for garden .
Hence adding a touch of nature to your home space .                                                                        

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