Tuesday 15 October 2019

On the move

          With abundance of Rainfall and  wet weather ,rainfall surpassing and almost breaking its all time records its officially the end of Monsoon season,No not really it is still creating havoc in many parts of India till today.It has definitely boosted the advent of winter chills in the garden ,Garden is on the move with transition from hot to chill weather taking rapidly.
                                  Meanwhile some of blooms are as astonishing as the rains.                                                                    

                                                   Elephant creeper blooms are attractive 


One of my favorite jasmine Coral Jasmine with most unusual night  blooming flowers.

Princess Flower or Tibouchina 

Canna Lilies are beauty

Cranberry Hibiscus 

Rain brings the rain lilies

Cluster vine 

Wedelia creeper

Powder puff blooms

Good old portulaca 

Trailing Lantana 

Butterfly weed

Red Ixora

Turk's cap

Firebush in blooms

A bouquet of Four'o clock blooms

Day blooming jasmine

Happy Gardening !          Watch what's blooming around the world at Maydreamsgardens

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