Tuesday 14 August 2018

Floral Monsoon

This year monsoon rains were truant for the most part of the season with exceptional humidity but still failed rains .Whereas Half of the july got some good downpour ,August didn't give drizzle . 
With a month left for monsoon season to take a back seat ,we expect some good rains now breaking the persistence humid atmostphere.
But there is a silver lining in it,since plants grew best in cloudy humid weather and give multiple blooms .


                                             Adeniums are definitely liking this weather


English and Miniature roses have made there comeback

Hibiscus are do enjoying monsoon 

Hundreds of flowers on Blue plumbago

Why they call it weed ?

Butterfly weed

Most fragrant flower in my Garden

Night Blooming Jasmine

                                             Its fragrance can felt in  entire garden at night time

Rainy weather brings Rain Lily

Rain of Gold or Galphimia in full show

                                                          Pretty Little Jatropha Flowers

                         Plant loved for its  ability of folding leaves when touched holds beautiful blooms too

                                                                 Mimosa Bush

                                 Morning glory has been blooming from last three months

                                          Most hardy annual Purslane in its full glory

                                                         Startling Crape Jasmine Blooms

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian fellows   

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