Monday, 13 May 2019

Summer Treat

Summers are here ,scorching heat with long days ,temperatures are soaring high upto 40'c.
Where gardening takes a backseat in these days ,there are some flowering plants that bear the summer heat and makes you move out into the garden .


                                                                     Lemonia Flower 

Vinca Flower

Crape Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine 


                                                             Carnation Flower

White Rain lily 

Zinnia season is back

                            Beauty of Bougainvillea in summers 

Summer flowers are like silver lining to the scorching summer days.
Happy Gardening .

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Monday, 15 April 2019

Oxygen for the soul

Transition in weather where fills new exuberance to the garden, if  transition is into summer where it is about to approach already gives major missing for springtime blooms.

Garden is filled with mix of Spring summer blooms thereby creating wonderful atmosphere ,but soon in no time spring blooms will deplenish eventually with scorching heat waves about to begin.

                 So till now its time to frame some blooms         
                                                                     CACTUS DAHLIA                                   


                                                                 Nasturtium Blooms

                                                SNAPDRAGON BLOOMS


                                                   BOUGAIVILLEA summer flowers


                                                      FENNEL FLOWERS 

                                                            AMARYLIS FLOWER



                                                  PERIWINKLE BLOOMS

                               HIBISCUS BLOOMS

                                                         PINK PERIWINKLE

                           STRAW  FLOWER

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Joy of Little things

Spring is just not a season its a sentiment that emerges from the  rejoice of serendipity ,you know its little things that make life easier and joyful.Spring imparts a Midas touch as almost everything that is supposed to bloom ,blooms .Thanks to the spring that there is veritable feast to my eyes and I can enjoy my little things.
So here are my top  pics of little joy of Spring '19

                                                                 CINERARIA Blooms

Aster Blooms

Verbena as  cheerful  as joy 


Ranunculus Blooms

Ice Plant

Violas blooms

Little stars on earth Gypsophila

Acroclinium Daisy 

Petunias swaying with wind

Spot the letter formation in these pretty phloxes

Vinca Blooms

Happy Spring !                                                                                                                   

Saturday, 9 March 2019

In President Estate

Breaking from the humdrum I got a chance to visit the Annual Garden Exhibition 'Udyanotsav' literally meaning Garden Celebration which is going in the 'Mughal Garden 'situated in the'President Estate '.

                                                              President's  Estate in New Delhi 

The horizontal and vertical beds of flowers makes you feel on  cloud nine                                            

Yellow coreopsis with white Alyssum            

Symmetrical Arrangement of Poppies 

Iceland Poppies

Flower beds of African Daisies


Beds of Dahlias

                                                  From Dinner Plate Dahlias to

Single petaled ones 

Every flower beds with magnificent backdrop of Fountain was truly creating atmosphere of presence  in heaven.                                                                                                          

Amongst many other flower beds of Roses,Tulips,Ranunculus,tulips,Calendulas,Cineraria  it contained another integral parts of Garden                                                            

Herb Garden

                                                          Bonsai Collection

Vertical Gardening

                                                      Cacti & Succulent Arrangement

Hanging Basket garden

I enjoyed my visit thoroughly it is truly a heaven for every Nature lover but sadly it will be closed from  tommorow.                                                                                                                          

Happy spring to Indian Fellows.                                                                                                    


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