Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Planter beauty

Garden is always resplendent with its flora and green belt of plants which is constantly removed and added with upcoming season ,Pots and planters definitely add a beautiful sight to behold in absence of blooms and retain it's charm in absence of greenery.The beauty of any plant increase manifolds when it compliments the pot in which it is planted.

                                       An ordinary pothos jeweled in Deer planter

I didn't realized what illusion colors can have on your eyes these planters were deteriorating for that they bared  a lot so a stroke of painting brush here and there and see what magic is created

There is another level of satisfaction in the below my own  handmade cement pots 

I belong to Jaipur which is a city in RAJASTHAN .Rajasthan is always looked upon its diversified craft and culture and handicrafts one of such art of pottery belongs to a place known as Pokhran which is located in Jaisalamer city of Rajasthan .  The planters below leaves me  gaping in the wonder of skill  Pokhran people have in there hands .                                                               

A piggie Planter

A Tortoise Planter

A Pigeon Planter 

An OWL Planter

                                                                   A Reindeer Planter

A Snail Planter

A Frog Planter

A Rabbit Planter

Any suggestions what plant can be planted in this Doll planter                                



Saturday, 7 April 2018

A visitor in the balcony

Balcony garden is that place which is close to your access and activities taking place over there are much more chilling to observe .I have small balcony adjacent to my room which is filled with greenery that attracts beings .

It was yesterday at noon time that I observe A Red Vented Bulbul in the balcony


It seated itself on a planter and chewed some of the leaves of my purslane plant from it and then faced towards myself it seemed like it was in search for water                                                    

After not able able to satiate its thirst it looked for water here ad there and flew away.

I realized we can help them satiate there quench of thirst by making small effort of keeping water filled container at anywhere outside our home to help them survive the scorching summer, and also if possible some food in form grain available for hunger.                                                        

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Magical encounter with spring

Its time when sun is up with scorching heat and heatwaves will start in near by time.Spring annuals are at last blooming stage and most of them have withered off.

Here its time to enjoy the last burst of colors in garden before the temperature touches 40 degree celsius.


Most hardy annuals that survive serious drought conditions and can be saved for next year

Everlasting or Helichrysum


One of the late spring annual but worthy the wait.

Amaryllis Lily

Springtime lover hippeastrum blooms with onset of spring


Hibiscus flowers rise up with advent of spring and gives  blooms till harsh summer heatwaves have not started                                                                                                                                          

Phlox will be missed till another spring

Whereas Summer can kill plants make them wither off,but there are some hardy plants that give color to the otherwise dry part of summer.                                                                            


Spider lily

To my surprise my Asparagus fern bloomed first time thereby complimenting its attractive foliage

One of those heavy blossoms of Cherry tomatoes 

Nothing tastes better then home grown tomatoes that too from seeds.

There is a fruiting shrub known as Phalsa plant or Grewia asiatica which has some beautiful flowers with much more tastier tangy ,sweet berries                                                          

When we draw towards Fragrance of flower that one single flower that is enough to turn your head towards its fragrance and beauty 

We can grow marigold for most part of the year except the most harsh summertime


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Spring Bulbs : Anemones

I have always been fond of growing flowering plants from bulbs.This year I tried many varieties of bulbs that flourish in spring in our region .But unfortunately I guess weather remained too warm for the bulbs to grow naturally.Many of the bulbs did not survive the unpredictable climate .

Anemone bulbs are one of them which I  somehow managed to successfully grow and brought them to flourish eventually.

                                This is the anemone bulb that has been soaked in water for 12 hours for rapid germination.After that for preparing potting soil for plantation of bulb: 

Composition of Potting soil must involve around 60 % of River sand ,30 % of Garden soil ,10 % of compost with small amount of Fungicide powder to protect bulb from rotting .

After around two months with severely low growth buds starting to appear on the plant


I had planted two bulbs of the colors unknown which came out to be brightest blooms within three months from sowing bulbs.                                                                                                                  

Few tips to care to be taken :                                                                                                                      
They don't prefer overwatering alike every other bulb ,soil must be well drained to achieve desired results,with more of river sand in potting soil .                                                                                   

They can be grown in partial to full sun in winter period ,but protected from direct sunlight while blooming stage has reached.                                                                                                                 

Its spring time best season for flowers to flourish and also to sow seeds of summer annuals and vegetables . I had tried growing Morning glory annual vine through seeds with a unique method that Ill be sharing in my upcoming posts .                                                                                                                                   


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Jubilant Spring

Its that time of year which is anticipated all year .The weather is almost perfect for flora,there is a cool breeze with moderate sunlight that is best suitable for plants to flourish. 

                                                      Nasturtium welcoming spring

                                                           Clarkia elegans

                                                              Calendula blooms

Nigella grown from seeds


                                                                      Castor blooming

Endless blooms of Petunias

                                                          Dahlias grown from seeds 

Attractive Gazanias


Self seeders Dimorpotheca

Phlox beauty

                                                       Kalanchoe flowering in full bloom


French Marigold

Pink Tecoma vine

                                                                 Crossandra beauty

                                                                 Self seeder Larkspur

                                                   GAzania in Miniature garden

Drumstick flowering for the first time

                                                         Trailing Petunias on porches

                                                                     Salvia red beauty

                                                                   Single Dahlia

                                                       Tithonia feels like summer annuals already

                                                         Helichrysum or Paper Flower

                                                      Self seeders really brings spring alive

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