Saturday, 23 June 2018

Summer Relish Jamun/Java plum fruit

Summer fruits are good source for   re -hydrating your body when scorching heat takes away all fluid from the body .Jamun or Java plum is super nutritious food that comes in the summer and consequently is available till early monsoon .After acquainting myself how nutritious this fruit is,I am fortunate to have its tree  in my garden.

                                                      Ripened and Raw Jamun

Health Benefits of Jamun                                                                                                         
It is rich in iron and vitamin C  .It helps in increasing haemoglobin count in body and also purifies blood that helps in cleaning your body and makes skin glow .                                                             

The most important benefit of this fruit is it has anti diabetic features which help diabetic lower there sugar levels.In the summer season if diabetic eats Jamun regularly it helps in preventing from frequent thursting and urinating which is common   diabetes problem,since it converts starch into energy and keep blood sugar level in check.                                    

It helps in digestion and helps also cure urine retention problems.                                                   

How to grow and care of Jamun Tree                                                                                    

Jamun tree is self caring plant which needs good sunlight and manuring once in a year to bear fruits.It gives flowers in spring to early summer that develops into fruit and gradually ripens at the end of summer or onset of the monsoon season .                                                                                  

When to harvest                                                                                                                                      
Jamun fruit should be harvested when it turns into dark black color for sweetest taste.This is my harvest for today .                                                                                                                         

I am thankful to god for such bountiful harvest these Little things make life happier.





Tuesday, 12 June 2018

While we Wait for monsoon

Summer days are finally coming to end there is a transition in weather .Although heat is still in its force ,the dry and arid climate continuity is broke by spell of rain from two days which I hope are pre monsoon showers .Monsoon is approaching towards our region and it is a sigh of relief for the garden .

Garden is right now lacking its color due to absence of flowers but some flowers does bloomed after shower of two days.

                                                             Hardy Bougainvillea



                                                                        False Eranthemum


Dahlberg Daisy

                                                                 Morning Glory









I hope monsoon reach as early as possible and garden is green again.


Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Phalsa fruit organic harvest

It was thrilling to observe transition of phalsa flower into fruit in my first harvest of Grewia Asiatica plant or popularly known as Phalsa plant .Phalsa is a fruiting shrub grown for its berry alike small fruits that are tangy to sweet in taste .It comes in flowering in spring to early summer season and bear fruits in middle of summer season in our region.

                                                               Phalsa plant flowering  

                                                                Phalsa Plant fruit formation

                                                  Phalsa plant fruit ripening

They are easy to grow plants and require not much care ,feed them with home made compost once in a year preferably n winter or before the spring for obtaining good flowering .


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Veggies Summer Harvest

Nothing can be  more tastier and healthier than the home grown fully organic veggies.

                                        Cucumber for rehydration of  body after intensive heat 

The tasty Brinjal for summer recipes


Drumstick or Moringa the most nutritional veggie for whole body health and development

Cherry tomatoes are giving  in constant harvest from last three months

Spinach for Iron content in body

Summers are at their peak in our region ,Temperature is being roaming between 40 to 45 degree c'.It has become impossible to spent time outside in the garden and plants health is also worsening with every passing day.We are expecting monsoon at the end of month which would resurrect new life to the garden.                                                                                                                         



Thursday, 31 May 2018

Germinating and Growing Morning glory seeds

Morning glory are those annuals in our region that everyone look up to for its hardy nature and of course spectacular blooms on vine .I was always curious to grow a vine from seed vines like morning glory that can easily survive our hot summer season.

I got some old seeds of morning glory from a known ,not sure of their germination tried a trick of germination which could be applied on any seed which are small in size .

 Requirements :

Tissue Paper

BOX OR CONTAINER with aeration 


Method :

Take a tissue paper gently place it in box or container which has aeration or whole above for inflow of air 

Place seeds above the paper and cover it with another paper 

sprinkle few drops of water and cover the lid of container 

Keep it in dry shady place for 48 to 72 hours 



This is what I got after 48 hours it has germinated .

I planted it carefully in a small pot and covered it with coco peat


 After a week it germinated like above it grew rapidly from then and within a month


it grew in a long vine reaching out for support to entangle itself to anything that comes in its way to reach a height ,it could be trained to cover desired  area  .                                                                                                

And After two months of sowing there was a bud


And then My Morning glory grown from seed bloomed

I am thankful to Thankful Thursday and nature for giving such wonderful blooms

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Summer glory in the garden

Scorching Heat,Dryness in the garden,but thanks to the drizzle that was brought by the weather disturbance towards western region of  the country that dampened the earth which was otherwise smoldering instead.Summer heat gets over the plants ,infact every flora and fauna is adversely effected with summer heat and dryness.But there are somehow plants which brave the heat and bloom in this weather.

                                                                Sunflower enjoying Sunlight

Portulaca Glory




Impatiens Balsamina



Mexican Sunflower or Tithonia

Perennials that brave the heat to bloom                                                                                                  

Dwarf Ixora

Water Lily


Adenium Obesum

Fragrant Gardenia

Butterfly Weed

Crape Jasmine



Rain Lily


Thanks Carol for hosting Garden Bloggers Blooms Day.                                                             

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