Saturday, 14 September 2019


Weather is most unpredictable topic to be assure about in the universe ,it never remains constant.It was only two months back we were roasted with hot summer heatwaves,not anymore since change is inevitable thereby situation has changed  ,dry state has been converted into wet and humid over the passage of two months with the onset of Monsoon.Thereby one should believe in the god and wait for him to rotate the   kaleidoscope of life to bring change for betterment.                                                                           

Zinnias in full glory

About to bloom

Mirabilis Jalpa or Four o' clock

Double Crape Jasmine

White Ruellia

Crinum 'Milk and Wine' Lily

Pink oleander

Yellow Lantana

Gomphrena or Globe Amaranthus

                                            When Life gives you lemon collect them


Peacock Flower or Barbados pride Plant 

Butterfly Pea flower

Green Hairstreak on Pentas

Cypress vine flowering 

Rain brings rain Lily

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Friday, 16 August 2019

When sky sings

Can you hear them ! They are singing loud


Monday, 12 August 2019

Feel good

From last fortnight weather has been cooled down with drizzle and heavy spell of rains. Monsoon is being in good state for entire country except for  few parts of the country.Transition in weather always brings vibrant energy in the garden .We await for this season not only for it  brings relief from harsh summer days but to bring more plants into our space and making more space for green in our environment.Monsoon season is considered best for planting trees in our environment since  presence of more trees ensures presence of more oxygen  and since plants emits oxygen after consuming carbon dioxide ,It plays vital part in our existence  on this planet,so everyone should pledge to plant at least one tree in his environment to make your space a better place for living in this monsoon season.Plants and trees are feel good factor for this entire universe.

My monsoon post from last year

My feel good factor are my garden blooms

                                          Zinnia blooms with drop in temperatures

Adenium charm

Yellow Oleander 

Roses are back

Rain brings in rain lily blooms

Sparkling Jatropha blooms

Crown Flower

Fragrant Jasmine vine 

Crape Jasmine blooms


Pentas blooms

False eranthemum flowers 

Periwinkle flower covered with Rain droplets

Galphimia blooms are constant from more than two months

Rose variety

Eid Mubarak and Happy Independence day to all my Indian Fellows around the world

Sunday, 14 July 2019


Are rain blessings from god ...then why god is biased in showering blessings .After long hot summer we were blessed with good showers (Blessings) until end of the last month .Where rain is creating havoc in southern part of country ...North western part is still in anticipation of satisfactory rain where conditions of  drought can't be ruled out .
Although Good Monsoon directly effects the growth of the economy of the country,excess or less of Rain pour may have major detrimental effects individually/on the state as whole for the upcoming year.
Hope blessings should be equally showered ,where everything is good about rain it always revive or resurrect garden after horrendous summer bringing  greenery back  and giving perfect environment for flowers  to bloom.

                                         A picture can't justify the beauty of Peacock flower  

A sunbird or even hummingbird can easily be spotted on this beautiful FIREBUSH.

Pretty little Pentas  flower

Rain brings Rain lily back to blooms

Petunias waving high with drop in temperatures

Colorful blooms of Portulaca and Purslane 

Fresh Homegrown organic harvest of Java Plum /Jamun

GALPHIMIA or Golden shower bush

And White water lily is back after some time

May the Raingod shower its blessings to everyone.                                                                        

Monday, 10 June 2019

Weather is HOT!

Heat is worsening every passing day ,wait for monsoon rains to drench away the heat is taking too long .Temperatures are hovering around 42 to 45 degree c which makes it impossible to step out in daytime.THere seems to be no sign of relief from heatwave since weather department does not show any sign of pre monsoon rains to reach our region in coming days.

Where it was getting difficult to protect plants from heatwave conditions thereby to sustain till the advent of monsoon,monkey maul into the garden made situation even more worse than it was already due to weather.They not only spoil the blooms but uproot the plants which decrease there chances to survive even after replanting.

Blooms that survived heat waves and monkey maul were few so here'smy blooms which were blooming in the span of last ten days 


                                        Zinnias blooms before Monkey maul

                                         Color changing Rangoon creeper



                                                                          Miniature Rose

                                                          Ixora pretty blooms

Crinum Lily Blooms

                                                       Portulaca blooms 

                                             Miniature Peach colored Amarylis

                                                          White    Bougainvillea blooms

May the weather god bring relief in upcoming days with early arrival of Monsoon rains .

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