Monday 6 November 2017

Growing Adenium from seeds

It all started when I got to know Adenium is  easy to grow from seed .I had collected seeds a year ago and store them with other seeds and forgot about it .When shuffling and searching for winter flower seeds found them within .

How to germinate Adenium seeds :

Things you'll  need 

- A plastic container or A plastic  basket for good drainage (with lots of holes )

- Gravel or river sand ( also known as bajri locally ) available at construction sites or shops that sell construction material 

- And off course the seeds (you can remove or remain the hair attached to it )

   - Cover the seeds with thin layer of river sand and water generously                                                                
- Keep them in semi shade place and water in two days with sprinkler water

                                                         Adenium seeds planted in river sand

After five days seeds start germinating and within a month   they were                                              

I got 60 % germination from seeds ,may be because the seeds were old  .                                          

Winter is setting in and summer annuals are taking backseat its good time to collect summer flower seeds .                                                                                                                              

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