Friday 16 September 2016

Portulaca Glory

Portulacas are fun to grow due to low maintenance ,less water requirement .


Joie de vivre in Garden

Garden has turned exuberant and lively after the drop in temperature in night and day time.

The annuals alike Balsam are in full bloom and butterflies are enjoying collecting nectar from them .


They look dramatic in an array of rows and add color to the borders of the garden

They are also known as Touch me not since seed pods break when touched and seeds fall off easily

                                                The weather calls for the emergence of birds and bugs which creates pleasant aura of collecting nectar on flowers ,Ixora is one such flower which instantly attracts humming birds and butterflies towards it .


Vines are the easiest to maintain plants since they make their own way and add color to the garden when other annuals had been discarded off ,Butterfly Pea is an unusual looking attracting vine

Aren't they looking pretty collectively         

Zinnias are still creating show in the garden, From the last 4 months they are on continuous bloom                                                                                                                        

Friday 26 August 2016

Vinca Blooms

Vinca are the low maintenance plants with sparkling blooms for the most part of the year.They come up with enormous blooms specially at the post monsoon period .


Monday 15 August 2016

Flowers in the Monsoon

Happy Independence Day to my Indian Gardener fellows !!

Monsoon is the awaited season throughout the year since it brings relief from hot dry days with heavy spell of  rains.With temperature coming down flowers make a come back in the garden.

 Mirabilis Jalpa better known as Four o' Clock had made there first appearance  in my garden


They truly justify by their name by blooming after four o ' clock in the evening . Vibrant colors are scene to adorn .                                                                                                                                   

To my surprise ,Lycoris Lily popular as Red spider lily too made its debut in my garden

 They come in cluster of flowers adjoining each other forming a crown shape        


They are long time bloomers for a week or even more,Filaments of this lily are larger than flower itself ,that look attractive when it collects rain drops                                                                    

Gardenias are the aromatic huge white flowers that emit fragrance to the passerby                            

 They are always star attraction when their bloom brings life to the garden                             

And the flowers that make their comeback after halt in summer                                                            
Zinnias love Rain ,plants survive the dread of summer too but blooms when temperature falls

Yellow Water lily has left dormancy and came out with heavy rain                             

I have noticed  the flowers are getting larger with each passing year                                                            


Salvia and Carnation somehow survived the arid hot days to bloom in the monsoon

Happy Gardening to my worldwide Gardening friends ,Take a look at Maydreams Garden to see whats blooming in the garden around the world.                                                                                    


Tuesday 26 July 2016

Colorful Caladiums

Garden gets color from the flowers within  it, but there are certain plants whose fanciful leaves 
are enough to attract anyone passing by.

One such plant is Caladium. They are summer growing annuals which are grown from the tuber .


Caladiums are the tuberous plants where there is no stem in plant and leaves keep on arising for whole hot weather directly from the ground.


They like shady environment ,doesn't do well in sunlight ,leaves grow big in size in semi shade environment.  Tubers are planted in spring ,leaves start arising in early summer .                                                                                                                     

They require regular watering otherwise leaves get wilt when weather turns hot.Although I like every pattern of leaves of caladium but spotted varieties gives so much glitter to your eyes.


In mid summer they come up with a flower which is a 9 inch greenish white spadix covered by a spathe,which fruits a berry with several seeds contained in it.I think should try sowing those seeds next year.   


Friday 22 July 2016

Bestowed with monsoon

Monsoon has finally arrived in my city .Days are filled with drizzle and weather is in cool state now.

Arid days are finally ended , Garden greenery is back with flora making appearance everywhere.

Monsoon the transition when hot weather finally departs after roasting the city ,thereby welcoming cool weather with the periods of light to heavy rain drenching the soul too.

With the advent of  monsoon Garden gets back its glory , and so the flowers start blooming again.



Lantanas are evergreen shrub that grows wild in our climate .The small flowers held in clusters are attractive from far away too.                                                                                                     

Buds in flowers resemble small pillows or cushions if seen closely. Lantana  may look orange from distance but when flower head  is examined distinct white ,yellow, red colors are blended when viewed from afar.                                                                                                               

They grow wild upto 6 ft. height and can extend upto 8 ft. ,leaves are textured surfaced  with toothy edges. Leaves emit an unpleasent aroma ,flowers dont really have any smell.

They look amazing among  paths , ways also great for shrubberies, hedges.                                  



A dwarf erect growing shrub with striking resemblance to the Ixoras. Flowers are tiny star shaped which appears on soft furry stems .                                                                                              

All are extremely attractive to butterflies ,Dark red and pink varieties attract hummingbirds too.

In warm climates it grows dense and fast ,flowers continuously whereas in winter they go dormant .They are perennial in our region and flowering is all around year.                                                        


Jatropha is a succulent shrub ,with large lobed leaves that appear at the end of branches.They flower in summer till autumn ,tiny red scarlet flowers look attractive between large leaves.


Mexican Oleander

Mexican Oleander is a large shrub that grows well in summer and flowers appear in late summer to autumn.                                                                                                                                         

Leaves resemble similarity with Oleander plants but flowers are distinctive with bell shaped yellow flowers.                                                                                                                                                 

Flowers are sweet scented but poisonous should not be ingested.                                                         

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Vegetables in Summer Garden

Summers are dry ,with plants surviving in the scorching heat .Since days are struck by heatwaves it becomes difficult to keep Garden green .Till we await for monsoon which seems not to occur before a month or so. We have a reason to rejoice  - the harvest of summer vegetables .

           It has always been great experience to grow vegetables organically in your home garden,which gives taste and health ,otherwise the available in market have no such thing.

    On the other way round it gives you a sense of appreciation when you are rewarded with the bounty of your efforts.Therefore makes you a optimistic person towards life.

                                                                  Round Gourd 


Ridge Gourd

Cucumber ( Kakdi )




Cherry Tomatoes 

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Spring Bulbs : Quaint Amaryllis Lily

Amaryllis bulbs are the most hardy bulbs that are easy to grow and propogate in our climate. They are  best suitable for the hot climate ,but bulbs could suffer where winter is frigid .


                   The plant is 60  - 90 cm tall having long strap shaped leaves. The flowers are rose -coloured ,large ,trumpet shaped and are borne in umbels of 2 - 4 flowers at the end of long hollow ,but stout stem.


The planting time is March - April,the bulbs could be dug out after flowering or left in ground for next year. From my experience its better to leave bulb so that it multiplies over the year and bring up more blooms  .                                                                                                                                      

The flowers comes in semi flowering ,double flowering varieties too.This is an attractive low care plant that rewards with blooms in hot climate when all spring flowers fade away.

  They are good for borders,beds,pots and cut blooms .Blooming time here is early summer or late spring.                                                                              

Today's flowers                                            
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