Saturday 14 September 2019


Weather is most unpredictable topic to be assure about in the universe ,it never remains constant.It was only two months back we were roasted with hot summer heatwaves,not anymore since change is inevitable thereby situation has changed  ,dry state has been converted into wet and humid over the passage of two months with the onset of Monsoon.Thereby one should believe in the god and wait for him to rotate the   kaleidoscope of life to bring change for betterment.                                                                           

Zinnias in full glory

About to bloom

Mirabilis Jalpa or Four o' clock

Double Crape Jasmine

White Ruellia

Crinum 'Milk and Wine' Lily

Pink oleander

Yellow Lantana

Gomphrena or Globe Amaranthus

                                            When Life gives you lemon collect them


Peacock Flower or Barbados pride Plant 

Butterfly Pea flower

Green Hairstreak on Pentas

Cypress vine flowering 

Rain brings rain Lily

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