Wednesday 29 May 2019

Underneath the Green

Growing large fruit trees in Garden space is always rewarding in a twofold manner they create ample  shade to the garden ,store carbon and emits oxygen to us and thereby creates pollution free environment.
Another more relatable and tangible benefit is bounty of fresh organic harvest obtained from them year after year.

Since summers are at there peak in my region my fruit trees are all ready to bring harvest to my plate.

Mangoes are undoubtedly King of Summer fruits even for any time of the year.

                                                                       My mango harvest

                                         Mango tree in flowering stage

Java Plum or Jamun is the one of most tastiest berries of summer,It has numerous health benefits to the body and is sweetest in taste amongst other fruit trees.                                                                            
Click here to see - Java plum tree care and benefits

Java Plum Tree flowers

My last year harvest of Java plum fruit  - Java Plum harvest

Another of my favorite berries of summer are Phalsa fruit aso known as Grewia asiatica 

Phalsa plant in flowering stage

We should thank almighty to render us with enormous vegetation  to satiate us.
Happy Gardening                                                                   

Monday 13 May 2019

Summer Treat

Summers are here ,scorching heat with long days ,temperatures are soaring high upto 40'c.
Where gardening takes a backseat in these days ,there are some flowering plants that bear the summer heat and makes you move out into the garden .


                                                                     Lemonia Flower 

Vinca Flower

Crape Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine 


                                                             Carnation Flower

White Rain lily 

Zinnia season is back

                            Beauty of Bougainvillea in summers 

Summer flowers are like silver lining to the scorching summer days.
Happy Gardening .

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