Saturday 2 September 2023

Garden Affair : Roses are back

 Monsoon season is on a verge to take bid adieu and while there is long await for winter from now , I am  glad Roses are back  in to blooms . 

                                  I suppose all great happiness is a little sad. Beauty means the scent of roses, and the death of roses. 

                                 - F. Scott

Care of English Roses   and growing period                                                                                         

Roses grow well in every climatic conditions which is not hot and arid . Roses performs well when pruned periodically and fed fertilizer in a period of three to four months.                                       

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  1. Lovely roses! I am very fond of the English roses. They have a wonderful scent too.

  2. colorful roses.... love purple and white ones....

  3. I wish I could smell them from here. Beautiful!

  4. Your roses certainly benefited from the monsoons. Late summer has been damp here but it seems to have had little effect on our roses.

  5. I love roses, their colors and their perfume.
    But I do not interpret as death what in fact is the preparation for a new bloom!


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