Saturday, 17 April 2021

Garden Affair : Nemesia

 In these last days of spring I want to talk about this spring annual Nemesia which comes up in multiple color variants and instantly grabs attention due to the unique shape of flowers. Nemesia blooms comes in bunches and stays fresh for many days .


Nemesia plant care and growing season

Nemesia plant is a hardy plant that strives best in cool climate with partial shade environment . It can best be grown with seeds and can survive drought conditions for a specific period .

                                                                  Nemesia blooms in spring sunshine

How and when to feed Nemesia plants

Nemesia plants require liquid organic fertilizer every fortnight for continuous blooming , It is better to do deadheading weekly which promotes growth of plant and helps in more blooms.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Spring Summer Transition

 It is a time when temperature is soaring high as summers have arrived while it has been unusual winter this year the summer season is predicted  to be harsh this year as heat waves can already be felt in the noon time .

Garden is right now filled with the  mix of spring and summer blooms 

Here are some of the early Summer Blooms 

                                                             Tecoma capensis


Summers can't be imagined without Adenium blooms


There is nothing that can match  lovely Portulaca blooming in summer


When spring is taking a bid adieu some of the hardy spring annuals are still blooming in profusion

Statice Blooms

                                                           Petunias blooming in profusion

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Garden Affair : Mesembryanthemum

The spring flowers are giving out their last of the blooms and summer annuals are just at preliminary stages . Ice Plant or Mesembryanthemum is one of the most compelling spring annuals that is easy to grow annual that blooms profusely throughout spring . 

         Mesembryanthemum also known  as Ice Plant


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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Harvesting season

 The spring is reaching its end as temperature is soaring high and when spring blooms are fading away the fresh organic harvest is what I am looking up to this time in my Garden






Potato harvest




Phlox blooms in late spring

Meanwhile a Green Bee eater bird was spotted




Saturday, 3 April 2021

Garden Affair : Osteospermum

 Osteospermum is one of the most  hardy spring  perennial flowering plant  which belongs to African Daisy family and looks breathtaking when blooms in profusion. 



Growth and Care

African Daisies are easy to grow plants that can survive and grows best in the sunny conditions . These plants can withstand drought like situations up to an extent and still can grow and flourish profusely throughout the spring and early summer.


                                   They are considered perennial plants as they can grow and survive for year or two depending upon the conditions they are retained and protected from the harsh weather conditions.


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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Growing inverted Tomato plant in bottle

 It is always a fun experience to grow your own veggies which are organically grown at your space. I have been growing all varieties of Tomatoes from past many years. This year I tried a very unique way of growing Tomatoes and I was fortunate to succeed in my first attempt. 

I tried growing inverted Tomato plant in a Recyclable Plastic Water Bottle.

This is a old Plastic bottle whose base has been removed to fill the soil mixture 

                                                                         A 1000ml  empty bottle

The base of bottle is removed for filling soil mixture

Tomato seedling inserted from the cap side

                                              And after 2months the first tomatoes appear

                                                 Tomatoes ripened and ready to be harvested

Things to remember growing inverted Tomatoes plants in bottles

- Tomato seedling should be gently inserted in bottle without damaging root system of the plant
- Soil mixture should be light and fertilizer rich so that plant gets its strength and food adequately
- Watering should be done moderately when the plant requires it otherwise the plant will rot eventually.                                                                                                                       

The spring summer transition is always a happy time in the Garden as there is a freshness of leaves and flowers can be felt in the Garden                                                                                                      

Meanwhile when Mobile camera does the justice to capture stunning purple sky

                                                      Brahmin Mynas spotted in purplish evening sky

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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Garden Affair : Amaryllis

 The spring season is in full swing and the Garden is filled with exuberant colorful blooms. It is a good coincidence that I am writing a post about the Colorful Amaryllis Flower on the occasion of  Holi which happens to be festival of colors celebrated in the  spring. 

                                             Amaryllis Blooms 


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Happy Holi ! 


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