Tuesday 11 November 2014

Random Act of Flowers in my Autumn Garden

It's the most pleasant weather of the year after summer that extended quite long this year and there was also scarcity of Rain too.But It's time winter to knock the door and paint the canvas of garden.

          Hibiscus comes alive with the stunning bloom with fall in temperature 

First time bloomers are vibrant castor oil plant ...its hard to decide whether foliage is beautiful or flower

The celosia grown from seeds ...didn't know the result would be that amazing

The sunny bright cosmos waving like sunshine in the air 

Wonder flowers of Gomphrena with shining purple edges also grown from seeds 

The unbeatable beauty Canna Lily with lovely Red Foliage

The most unusual beauty Torenia Forneria giving an eye candy blooms

Self seeder Zinnia that pops up every year 

Favourite Fragrant Spider lily another unusual lily 

Tiny blossoms of Dahlberg Daisy outshines itself on that feathery foliage

Chinese aster indicators for the inception of cool weather

The cute little Dwarf Dahlia which brings a smile to my face 

And the Dwarf Cockcomb that has sheer appearance of it's own

I have tried some spring bulbs this year will talk in detail in some other post till then Happy Autumn.

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Sunday 9 November 2014

Water Lilies in full bloom

I have  never tried much aquatic plants instead of a pistia or Water lettuce that has the foliage beauty with  almost no blooms .This year I have tried some Water lilies and I must say the results are amazing .After trying I realised the aquatic blooms are most awestruck blooms I have come across ...


A lot of things are happening in garden which I 'll scribe upon somewhere later in a post .

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Hearty Harvest

It's been raining from last two days the weather is pleasant now.I had been trying growing veggies from some time but the summer heat does'nt make me do so.
Now the Summer has gone we are almost end to our monsoon season too.And Garden is bearing some harvest this season ...

  Okra or Lady Finger  plants had been giving harvest from last four months continuously ... 

First time tried is the Cowpea beans we love it even the ripened seeds are cooked in form of lentil 

It grows in vine form and gives plenty of harvest                                                                       

And some chilli to add flavour in food                                                                                            

My old fellow double colored brinjal to give company to other veggies                                            


Have a great week ...Linked to  Abc Wednesday                                                                          

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Favorite Fragrance is Back

They are back almost after a year and half ..I guess the stagnant hot weather make them do so .
I am  always been a great admirer of Lilies, but My heart goes gaga when I see Spider lily blooming and there Fragrant makes me Feel  to be  in the seventh Heaven .
Spider lilies are some of those hardy bulbous plants that require minimal care and most importantly long restive hot period to come into blooming stage .


Where there spidery blooms looks Fantastic there bud instantly grabs attention..                                       

They are popular in our region for offering to God specially Lord Shiva ,recently the sacred Hindu month of  Saavan  has passed where we worship Lord shiva and it's said he is happy by the offering of these lilies .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Friday 15 August 2014

Monsoon revive color of garden

A period of rain is over greenery can be seen everywhere ..where the scorching summer had taken every color from the garden ,Monsoon did a spell to revive them.

Here's the glance now after a period of rain ...
             Zephyr lily or Rain Lily has a new addition 

Although Yellow Zephyr Lily blooms are smaller then Pink Zephyr Lily but they have there own beauty  .                                                                                                                                                
  Pink Zephyr lily after heavy rainfall                                                                           

 Portulacas bloomed in array of colors                                                                                                     

Double Petaled Hibiscus bloomed after the cloudy weather                                                             

 Gaillardia Starfire popped up after long   time                                                                                          

Ruellias too enjoying the Rain                                                                                                      

 Oleander in Full bloom with appearance of Monsoon                                                          

Jasminum Auriculatum blooming in Profusion                                                                            

 Arabian Jasmine spreading fragrance in the Garden                                                                            

                 Crape Jasmine a rare beauty with spin wheel appearance attracts  attention                                                  

Even the Lady finger has a Adorable bloom  

Thanks to Carol for hosting event Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


Tuesday 12 August 2014

Elegant Eggplant in garden

It's always exhilarating to found a veggie growing in your garden specially when you have awaited long for it .
Eggplants prized for it's unique deep purple shade and glossy finish always attracts among all other veggies ..
Even when I planted it in the garden I was expecting those deep purple beauties hanging on those large leafy plant..But Nature is always there to surprise you...as it came altogether different beauty I have seen less                                                

A green Eggplant with purple stripes 

A closer look of this glossy green beauty                                                                                              

And thereby giving elegance to the garden it requires ...Thanks to the team of ABC Wednesday for hosting such great meme.                                                                                                                                   

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Arabian Jasmine fragrance

It's perfect time for the Arabian Jasmine to bloom in profusion .What to say about the fragrance it's divine..Infact they are the essential ingredients for the perfumes made around the world.

They are popularly known as Mogra in our region and happily used in garlands for the fragrance they carry.                                                                                                                                             
Its the start of  monsoon season we have received our first official Rain today itself.Plants are finally relieved after that horrible summer .                                                                                           Happy Monsoon season to everyone                   


Tuesday 8 July 2014

Zephyr lily flourishes with rain

The monsoon has been delaying endlessly with temperature rising slowly again.Thereof,sowing season is also being delayed ,still we are receiving some pre monsoon showers mainly at late night hours .
       Last week there was this sudden rainfall at late night hours that made my Zephyr lily to move out of it's shell and flourish so that portraying a glimpse of those heavy Rainy days when they bloom in profusion .

The morning just after the Rainfall they emerged like that 


Till  evening the scenario was like this                                                                                                                

And at  the late evening time                                                                                                                         

I hope there will be rain till the end of the week ,otherwise the atmosphere would heat up again...plants definitely don't like that...so Am I.                                                                                                                        
                                    Shared with ABC Wednesday,Today's  flowers                                                                                       

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Yellow makes the weather mellow

The weather is pleasant now ..The harshness of summer has gone but we are still waiting for the monsoon to strike the city and bring back the  Greenery  of the Garden back.

  Although July starts with Rain shower but this year monsoon seems to be delayed..Nevertheless Yellow Flora  is pleasing the eyes giving the fuel to await for the monsoon .

Sunflowers shinning brightly with a yellow beam 

Dahlberg Daisies awesome hardy perennial blooming back with bright profusion of yellow

Gaillardias   brightness in color has revived as the harshness of sun has gone

And the Amazing Zinnias are happily blooming underneath the Sunflower 

Hope there will be rain till the end of week to revitalize us ...

Have a great week for those who are receiving rainfall and Good luck for those who are awaiting like me ....Best wishes to the team of Abc Wednesday for hosting such a great meme

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