Tuesday 21 April 2020

Spring harvest

It is a feeling of great satiation to grow your own food and harvesting fresh produce which is generally free from chemicals .

                                                             Cabbage grown from seeds

Cauliflower grown from scratch

There is nothing like digging fresh produce                                                                                           


Radish harvest

Tomatoes and lemons for Salads and soups

Green Peas ,Labalab beans and Chickpeas harvest

Bitter gourd 

A squab reached my balcony                                                                                                                     

Nothing like fresh smell of Rose                                                                                             

And Harvested last Guava since it is going to be summer now                                                            

It looks like lot of confusion and chaos is going on in sky too                                                                

Monday 13 April 2020

Before the spring ends

This year is quite unusual for everyone out in the world.Since nature has yet again proved its superiority in  controlling our life. The  year began marking the longest possible winter in my region with spring being on and off with western disturbances altering  the weather pattern every week .But finally heat of summer can be felt with temperature soaring high day by day .

Meanwhile spring flowers are at their end stage of blooming

                                                              Dahlberg daisy covering flowering bed

Bottle brush or Callistemon tree in to flowering

Some of the Ranunculus plants that survived the unusual long winter period with hailstorms and continuous rains                                                                                                                            

Dahlias are doing great inspite temperatures are high


Mimulus flower

Delphiniums and Lupines 

Plumbago is back  in to blooms with high temperatures

Butterfly pea blooms are surprising for  this time of the year

Miniature roses are pretty sight among all other spring blooms

Matthiola incana blooms at their last stage 

Nasturtium in full blooms

The only kalanchoe left into flowering till now 

It has been wonderful year for Godetia blooms

and for Nemesias too 

Verbenas are quite a pleasent scene among other spring blooms

Chrysanthemum carinatum 

Amaryllis lily in full glory check out my other blooms of Amaryllis lily here  - Amaryllis-lily-season

Cornflowers are  blooming in abundance 

Impatiens wallerina

Miniature Carnations are bountiful bloomers at this time

Gazanias are  magical with their intrinsic patterns and colors of blooms

Geraniums are so adorable in spring time 

Finally summer flowers are coming out of hibernation



Meanwhile Purple Sunbird spotted feeding on Pomegranate flower                                                            

When you wake up to morning like this                                                                                                

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Amaryllis lily season

Its always rewarding when some of the flowering bulbs withstand worse of weather conditions mainly extreme hot weather throughout the year and still bring amazing blooms without requiring much  care unlike other flowering bulbs.
Amaryllis lily is one well adapted plant to the weather of  our region.


Meanwhile a Indian robin spotted over the grass in the morning                                                               

And lastly life needs a breakout from the current situation of pandemic

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