Monday 25 February 2019

Here and There

We can have flowers throughout the year with sincere efforts laid to get them to bloom .When spring comes that efforts are  truly rewarded in real sense.Spring is just not other season of flower its time when Nature celebrate its existence in world that is dominated by mankind. 

We are deprived of color in garden even after sincere hard work and then spring pulls a trick out of hat and there you are with ensemble of colors in your hands.


Happy Spring !                                                                                                                       

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Fresh air of spring

There is some infectious liveliness about the onset of spring that gives sanguine attitude for the coming harsh summer days .Spring as celebrated by every being be it Birds,Plant kingdom ,human beings with mixed aroma of fragrant flowers and when sun shines its brightest and wafting breezy atmosphere  makes every bit so surreal in my garden.
The beds filled with colorful flowers seem like garden was empty canvas which was waiting to painted in spring.


                   French Marigold and Oxalis contrasting with  alyssum growing in flower beds

Spring annuals that were being planted two to three months are popping up here and there with blossoms that are quite a scene to adore 


Annual chrysanthemums are so beautiful creation of god 

Geraniums fiery red

Close up of Annual chrysanthemum

Bougainvilleas are back will be lasting there blooms till the end of year now

Talk about spring is incomplete without mentioning petunias 

Dwarf Marigolds 


Verbena twinkling little flowers 

Roses at there best blooms

Dahlberg daisy pops up in spring

Reflex Chrysanthemum

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