Sunday 28 February 2016

Spring Stars : Marguerite and English Daisy

Its always been a pleasant change when winter takes a depart and there is sensuous aroma in the weather outside with prolific buds and blooms with the advent  of spring .

   Although winters were not severe this year that they are used to be , but since season takes it's time for transition  cotyledon took there time to bear flowers .

       This is the first time I have grown  Marguerite daisy in my garden . I bought seedlings of them around three months back , from then till now they have emerged beautifully .


They are easy to grow annuals ,does grow better in full sunlight and requires fertilizer feed when reach the budding stage .                                                                                                                     

English Daisy is a miniature daisy which comes in many colors ,but this time they have shown in white only in my garden.                                                                                                                      


They grow vigorously and does not require much effort to grow them.                                          

There are many spring annuals emerging day by day which will be brought here in next post.

Happy Spring !!! to all the gardeners .


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