Monday 27 February 2017

Colorful Coleus

I never intended to grow Coleus till actually  discovered the amazing leaf colors and sizes it adds to a spot of the garden.Whether grown in pots or grown on ground these multicolored beauties attracts instantly from distant in the garden .
Here's my Coleus Collection



Tuesday 14 February 2017

Flowers in the springtime garden

Winter is becoming quite unpredictable every year.Its tenure has been gradually decreased over the last few years .We still remember the sheer joy of spending those warm sunshine in those cold part of the year .Winter is always been my favorite season from the rest part of the year but we are now only able to enjoy it for a month or so,who to blame how rapidly the whole India is losing its winter ,when we put on a glance the scenario of Global warming , there is also variations in climate change and weather conditions that is reducing the tenure of winter.

With the early exit of winter , spring makes its way a bit before the time and with advent of spring flowers line up with there early blooms,so the early departure of winter is good to enjoy spring flowers .


Venidium  coming out like a prince among other flowers following it.

Candytuft swinging with cool winds   

Poppies flaunting showy blooms 

Pansy goes happy as always with such an awestruck appearance

Paper daisy  perfect for  every  bed

Petunias startling with exotic blooms 

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