Tuesday 28 July 2020

How to grow ferns in hot weather conditions

Ferns are one of those plants that people find it difficult to grow due to their poor adaptability to the hot environment .We can always spot ferns growing easily in the hilly areas which are moderately hot and that receive more rainfall  or where prolonged winter conditions persists throughout the year.

                                           A Fox tail fern growing in Rabbit planter

They are one of the most rewarding plants who want to bring greenery indoors as they can survive indoors without much care .They need proper light conditions indoors for the whole day and can die when kept outdoors in hot summer day.

                                                 Unique shape of leaves of  fox tail  fern 

Ferns can survive in hot weather when kept in the shaded moist environment away from the direct sunlight in summer months.There are many varieties of fern that multiply from the roots and thus gives new plants every year.

                                                      Intricate pattern of leaves of Aspharagus fern 

Meanwhile Pride of India is blooming in its full glory

It is a humid weather  felt like soaking in the water                                                                              


When the sky turns  dramatic like this                                                                               


Monday 20 July 2020

Rain Lily plant care

It is unimaginable to not expect Rain lily blooming profusely in the monsoon after some heavy downpours .Although we haven't received heavy rainfall until now but Rain lily blooms are already up to create a show in the garden.

                                                                  Yellow Rain Lily    

                                                                 White Rain Lily

Rain Lily can be easily grown with bulbs and can also be grown with its seeds but will take a lot of time compared to growing with bulbs.Rain Lily will surprise you with its blooms as soon as it receives heavy downpour in anytime of the year .                                                                                               

                                                                    Apricot Rain Lily

Evening Rain Lily

RAIN LILY PLANT CARE                                                                                                            

Rain Lily plant is quite hardy in nature as it doesn't require much care throughout the year .It multiplies quickly through its bulbs so Rain lily bulbs  should always be planted in a wide pot that helps in the growth of bulbs .It does gives more flowers when fertilized once a while in the year.
Check out Amazing Rain Lilies here    Rain lily varieties                                                      

Fresh Bloom of Zinnia 

Sunbird looking curiously  on the tree 

Pleasant Dusk                                                    

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Monsoon is here

Monsoon has finally reached our city and the first spell of good rains have brought down the temperature thereby bringing relief from summer.While my garden is currently   in the process of renovation so there is  dearth of blooms in the  garden.

                                                           Pride of India blooms 


Lemonia Plant blooming 

Plumerias are blooming profusely 

It is exhilarating  to hear Rufous treepie singing loud in the trees                                            

Todays dusk scene after the rain 

Tuesday 7 July 2020

How to grow Hibiscus Flowers and its health benefits

Our first monsoon rain has drenched our city and its enthralling in every aspect specially for my plants who are finding relief after bearing hot scorching days of summer from last few days.Its best time to grow trees as humid and wet environment is best suited for growth of plants.

I absolutely love the hibiscus and one of the advantage of growing them is they are easy to grow and can be propagated through cuttings .

                                                                  Pink Hawaiin Hibiscus

They can be easily grown in pots with terminal  feed of  organic manure .Hibiscus has many varieties and they are hardy to mostly every temperate climatic regions.

Sleeping hibiscus

Cranberry Hibiscus

They can easily be propagated through cuttings in this monsoon season and thereby you can get additional plants in a matter of time for free of cost.                                                                 


This pic below shows an ideal cutting from hibiscus plant for propagating in this monsoon  by planting it in rich porous soil and leaving it stagnated for a month till the roots formed.One more easy method is to dip these cuttings in water and plant them when roots are visible.                                  

Its amazing to know that hibiscus flowers are edible and are popular in the form of tea which has many benefits on body for instance fighting with bacteria and even lowering blood pressure .

Its time for Jungle babbler to make a comeback in to the garden                                       

Does it look like smokey clouds ?

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