Sunday 17 March 2013

Attractive Foliage eye catching flowers!!!

Attractive  foliage eye catching flowers


 NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS(impatiens hawkeri)
      A great way to improve the entrance of home through  NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS .It is a bushy plant with attractive reddish tinged leaves and red stem .flowers are showy and come on large peduncles.this one is a pink flower with dark clumps of reddish green leaves.


    A small shrub with greenish pink leaves with a small flower purplish pink colour which occurs beneath the plant only visible when u keenly observe thereto...recommended due to unusual foliage.


nobody can't ignore them they are eye catchy in multiples and can create a magestic display in your garden.  

                   DESERT PETUNIA
A drought resistant plant with spike shaped leaves which resembles of zephyr lily and eye stunning small petunia look alike flowers which occurs in between these leavesduring spring and post rain.

Again lavish green spiky leaves with beautiful   flowers with an unusual fragrance .                              

Thursday 7 March 2013

The Beginning

HEY GUYS ...this blog  starts addressing all those nature(specially flower) lovers ....and what could be the better way to welcome spring then these beautiful freesias......these are grown from bulbs which are sown during mid october and will bloom till the end of february to march

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