Tuesday 11 December 2018

Winter chills

Summers were unprecedented hot this year with uncertainity of hope about never drops in temperature,but then we have monsoon showers which bring relief from it.Monsoon which extended quite well till the end of September which expedite winter coolness earlier .
Garden is definitely in spree with unexpected coolness in weather 


                                                         Marigolds in full Bloom

Adeniums in all flowers

Love for Miniature Roses

Petunia gearing up for winters

                                                    Skyblue clustervine clinging on

Tecoma bush are all in blooms

Miniature carnation 

Aloe vera Infloresence 

Wedelia flowers 

For flowers around the world Garden Bloggers Blooms day

Monday 3 December 2018

Veggie harvest from the year

Growing your own veggies is always a feeling so fulfilling and satisfying , it is equally beneficial  for health as well .

Here's a roundup of vegetables harvested this year


                     Bitter Gourd although bitter in taste but gives humongous benefits to body

Cucumber rehydrate body in summer days

Bottle gourd the best among gourds for its multiple benefits to the body

                                   Nothing can taste better than home grown   Brinjal harvest 

Lady finger harvest

Lablab and cowpea beans with their nutritional benefits on the body

                                Green chillies for adding spice to the food 


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