Wednesday 26 February 2020

Growing Asiatic Lily in pot

Asiatic lilies are one of the most vibrant flowers present among all of the Lily varieties with rewarding marvelous blooms . Although it is grown as an annual in our region but there blooms are always worthy waiting among all other spring blooms.This year I did something different by planting Asiatic Lily bulbs of five distinct colors in a single pot .As I expected they didn't get to blooms at a single time but there blooms even at different times of  month were definitely worthy for wait.


Morning sunshine                                                                                                                                      


Tuesday 18 February 2020

The Awakening of Spring

Spring flowers are finally showing up each day and week  ,a new flower is blooming every day .Weather is quite pleasant for this time of year,until hot summer with heat waves approaches  towards the country.In no time garden would turn dull again but right now it is magic spell of weather that is turning everything pertaining  to Nature into no more less than astonishing sight.


The sky at dawn is back with brightening  colors after fog has vanished from the morning                         

Some cute little House sparrows are enthralled with spring flowers


Through my lens                                                                                                              

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Spring is around the corner

Its time of transition of weather ,its favorite time for every gardener awaiting for garden filled with blooms .It is time for spring weather to advent in our region.Winter chills are no more bothering daily humdrums of life.

                                                             Primula 'Pacific hybrid'

Snapdragon 'Snappy orchid'

Dahlia cultivar 

Asiatic lilium

Bees and Butterflies are essential parts of spring garden                                                                             

Bee on Cornflower

Bee on Calendula 

Christmas cactus are still into blooming                                                                                                      

How beautifully roses change there shades in winter time                                                                           

                                           Rose 'Summer Snow'              

Rose 'Knock out'

Impatiens 'Imara Rose'

Blue pimpernel flower

Alyssum Purple 

Pansy Majestic Giants in top row ,Delta Premium below

Petunia Daddy purple ,Petunia Wave pink in top row
Petunia Ultra star ,Petunia Picotee below

Jungle  babbler birds are ardent visitors now a days

Can you spot a bird in this beautiful cloudy sky.                                                                                              

Through my Lens                                                                                                                      

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Perennial flowers are reviving

Its that time of year when winter is wrapping up with advent of spring like atmosphere in climate .In general,by now we enter into spring every year but presence of unusual chills in the weather till now has somehow delayed transition of season.

Its glad to see bougainvilleas soaking in the warmth of sunshine after dormancy


Begonia venusta or popularly known as flame vine is in its full glory                                                                      

Begonia flowers growing as a garland to the sky                                                                                                       

A dove taking sun bath                                                                                                                     

Through my lenses                                                                                                                   
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