Wednesday 21 December 2022

Chrysanthemum blooms in full glory


Chrysanthemum season is here ,my garden space is filled with cheerful blooms of chrysanthemums. 








Meanwhile a Great Egret was spotted searching for the food near by lakeside. 

It was probably searching for fish on the lakeside 

    Here's the video of Great Egret wandering by the lakeside


Wednesday 14 December 2022

Mild winter in December

 Winter has started on a mild note in December with unforeseen high temperatures which is unusual for this time of the year. While garden is in mode of  preparation  for spring show the Autumn blooms are still blooming in  the garden . 

                                 This year has been great for Lemonia as it is blooming till  December  


It is the moderate weather that spider lilies and Gaillardias have not gone to dormancy and still blooming in the midst of December



                                              Chrysanthemums have started showing up blooms 

Aren't these delicate tiny blooms watch worthy

Pentas and Ixora 

Begonia Benariensis


Butterfly Milkweed 

Curtain creeper

                                                Meanwhile  Cormorant spotted at  the lake 


Friday 2 December 2022

Garden Affair : Elephant Creeper

       Elephant creeper is one of the most drought resistant hardy vines in our region  derivation of name Elephant as the name suggests  is due to resemblance of leaves with Elephant ears.                                                                      


             The light purplish flowers comes upon the creeper at two times of year. Its tubular structure and feel makes it a part of morning glory  flower family. 

Beautiful buds of Elephant creeper plant

Elephant creeper is a flower with medicinal value its roots have been used since ancient times in  Ayurveda for the treatment of ulcers and diseases related to nervous system.                                                                

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