Saturday 27 February 2021

Garden Affair : Spring Flower Schizanthus

 Spring season has began in our region . Spring season known for the abundance of blooms in the Garden has been recognized as one of the most awaited season for Gardeners. This year winter season lasted for a shorter span of time period than usual which accelerated the arrival  of  spring season earlier than every year.  

        Schizanthus or Angels wings or Butterfly Flower is one of the most attractive spring flowers which are grown for their resemblance to orchids and even butterflies. It is a fact that these are also  known as Poor man's Orchid .                                      

                                                              Poor Man's Orchid or Schizanthus

Growing Tips for Schizanthus                                                                                                                   

Schizanthus are easy to grow Annuals as they survive extreme weather conditions and even moderate drought conditions with a periodical requirement of rich natural fertilizer.                                             
Schizanthus Blooms

The orchid shaped flowers grows in an array surrounded by fern like leaves which emerges on tender looking plant attracting attention of bees and butterflies and sometimes humming birds. 


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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Aquaponics and its benefits

 Aquaponics  is a new technique for growing food  that is increasingly becoming popular owing to its easy implementation and its one of the main advantage above other techniques that we are being able  to obtain huge harvest with minimal efforts and expenditure .It is a eco system which  involves growing food through a set up where fish fertilize the plants and in return plants filters the fish tank. It can be set up at a small level in your backyard or balcony also   which only requires a Fish tank and a container or pot for growing your veggies .


Types of vegetables and fruits which can be grown through Aquaponics                                                

Aquaponics technique can be rewarding for growing green leafy vegetables ,Tomatoes, Cauliflower     ,Broccoli, Beans and other legumes. While most of the veggies and fruits can be grown through        Aquaponics it should be taken into consideration that veggies that require acidic soil like                        Pepper, Garlic and Radishes should be avoided in growing through Aquaponics.                                    
A Home Aquaponic System

Meanwhile a Schizanthus blooming with spring outbreak


And a rare sight of hazy moon 

Saturday 20 February 2021

Garden Affair : Fungicide on plants

 It is due to urbanization and growing  culture of deforestation growing food and vegetables in apartments or in small spaces gardening is becoming increasing popular in the current environment. While this culture  should be appreciated as there is no better alternative left for us  to obtain and consume freshly grown organic harvest which is in current demand and  much more better food alternative compared to market bought food. The major challenge in growing food at a small apartment or in a small space is not the limited space or unavailability of quality seeds, fertilizer. It is the  problem related to dealing with abnormal growth of  pests, fungus on vegetables and fruits plants as in small space gardening fungus growth increases due to lack of air circulation and highly humid and dynamic conditions .



It should be noted that while there are many organic and inorganic fungicides available in stores not all of them are suitable for the health of plants and for obtaining satisfactory  harvest of vegetables and fruits. It is imperative to note that fungicide for spraying upon veggies and fruits plants can be easily prepared at home that too with limited items.

One of the most effective Fungicide  for removing fungi and which is  less harmful on plants  method of preparing Fungicide is a solution of Baking soda and water with a tbsp of baking soda in four litres of water . It should be noted that spraying Neem oil spray is also effective in preventing from bugs, fungus and pests grow on plants.


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Monday 15 February 2021

Spring outbreak

 The year of moderate and unprecedented winter is coming to an end as  with spring knocking the door.  The presence of spring can be felt in our atmosphere and some of the pretty spring annuals are coming out to bloom in my garden.


                     Poor man's orchid or Scizanthus is one of the first annual to come up this spring.

                                                        Bouganvillea Plant 




                                                                 Oriental lily



                                                                 Osteospermum Flower 


                                                            Nemesia Flower




                                                 Mesembryanthemum or Ice plant


Meanwhile a stunning dusk seen can be seen in the spring season



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Saturday 13 February 2021

Garden Affair : Edible Flowers

 Flowers are integral part of garden ,we can't imagine a Garden without the attractive blooms that make it lively and pleasing to eyes since without Flowers Garden would become dull and colorless. While it is also true that Flowers are a source of food for many insects , birds , animals and even Humans.

Here are some of the Flowers that I have personally used in one of the food recipes


Marigold is one of the most popular flowers in the world .It has many medicinal properties and due to pungent taste used in various cuisines around the world .                        


                                Roses are lovely Flowers and have been popularly used in making 'GULKAND' a sweet sauce derived from mixing fresh rose petals and sugar in our region.

Pansy and Violas

Pansies are one of the most unique flowers in appearance and not many people know that they are edible and is being used in many cuisines around the world mainly for adding flavor in the desserts.


Nasturtium are one of the most prettiest climbing plant that grows in a vine like structure and forms a vine that reaches some foots . It is interesting to note that nasturtium flowers and leaves are popular edible plants and are used often in preparing salads.                                                 

Although there are many flowers that are considered as edible and have medicinal properties it should be noted that specific edible flowers should be consumed in small proportions only to save yourself from allergenic reactions from overconsumption. 

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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Spring Blooming vines

Spring is knocking the door and this is exciting time for Garden  as most of the spring annuals have started showing blooms and Flowering vines are also preparing for the spring show.

Flowering vines are an ode to the decoration of Garden .Here is a glance of some of the Flowering vines in my garden that are filled with blooms on the onset of spring.

Orange flame vine (Bignonia venusta )

The pretty orange flowers in clusters appear like a flame in the bright sunny location.


Curtain creeper


 Sky blue cluster vine


Garlic vine


Vine Care and propagation 

Vines can be grown through seeds and can also be propagated through stem cutting which will give earlier blooms than growing them through seeds.  If grown in ground they don't require any special care and can strive on their own but if grown in pots they need fertilization once in a month or so.                                                                                          

Meanwhile a sunset I have been  looking  up for                                                                                      

Saturday 6 February 2021

Garden Affair : Visiting nursery in Spring

It can be seen that with official beginning of spring season coming close plant nurseries and street plant shops are stocking up the spring annuals for a flower filled spring . I got opportunity to visit a near by plant nursery  recently and I was amazed to see the collection of spring annuals 

                                                         Dahlias blooming in profusion




A Glance to the beautiful collection 

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Tuesday 2 February 2021

Indoor plants care and Maintenance

Indoor Plants are becoming popular these days for many reasons one of them being rapid increase in  urbanization .Growing Indoor plants in home is coming out to be  a good option for the Amateur Gardener who doesn't have much space for gardening .Indoor Plants doesn't require much space like big balconies, huge terraces or a big land  to grow plants and just require little space indoors in your home for bringing element of nature in your space.
These below are some of the indoor plants that I find easy to grow indoors with little care and fertilization.

                                                          Syngonium with Pothos

                                                                       Miniature Syngoniums

                                                                   Rubber Plant

                                                                   ZZ Plant 

                                                   Indoor Plants care and maintenance 

Indoor Plants are easy to grow and will  remain healthy  if they are kept at a place which receive morning sunlight . It should be kept in mind that Indoor plants should be watered with purified and filtered water when possible as they are sensitive with tap water which has effect upon the health of the plant.

It is advisable to keep plants kept indoors once in a week outside in the partial sun for acceleration of growth of leaves.

Meanwhile  the spring is knocking door with Mesembryanthemum  giving out blooms


And the Mynas enjoying warmth in the weather


A Sunset to remember

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