Tuesday 11 December 2018

Winter chills

Summers were unprecedented hot this year with uncertainity of hope about never drops in temperature,but then we have monsoon showers which bring relief from it.Monsoon which extended quite well till the end of September which expedite winter coolness earlier .
Garden is definitely in spree with unexpected coolness in weather 


                                                         Marigolds in full Bloom

Adeniums in all flowers

Love for Miniature Roses

Petunia gearing up for winters

                                                    Skyblue clustervine clinging on

Tecoma bush are all in blooms

Miniature carnation 

Aloe vera Infloresence 

Wedelia flowers 

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Monday 3 December 2018

Veggie harvest from the year

Growing your own veggies is always a feeling so fulfilling and satisfying , it is equally beneficial  for health as well .

Here's a roundup of vegetables harvested this year


                     Bitter Gourd although bitter in taste but gives humongous benefits to body

Cucumber rehydrate body in summer days

Bottle gourd the best among gourds for its multiple benefits to the body

                                   Nothing can taste better than home grown   Brinjal harvest 

Lady finger harvest

Lablab and cowpea beans with their nutritional benefits on the body

                                Green chillies for adding spice to the food 



Tuesday 13 November 2018

Seasonal Change

Its that time of year when whole India is engulfed in festive spree and we also have Diwali  celebrations.
Diwali the Hindu  festival of lights when good wins over evil ,the lights break the darkness of  moonless night.

                                              Lightning Baked clay lamps on Diwali  

Meanwhile Garden is experiencing change in climate with winter settling in day by day .
Where Northern parts of country are receiving Heavy Snowfall ,thereby cool breeze could be felt in our region respectively ,Mornings seeing drastic fall in temperatures winter seems to be near now. 

                           Adeniums are coming with blooms inspite of advent of winter days                                                              

Roses brings their best blooms in winter in our region .Indian Roses below are not only known for their beauty but for use in making Rose water ,sweet preserve from petals.

Dwarf Ixora is the best that had got into bloom in this month with flowers blooming for long time

Marigolds are in blooms for the festive season of Diwali 

Cockscomb above in the sky brings energy in the garden 

Cranberry Hibiscus blooms are complimentary with their attractive foliage                      

Happy Gardening ! Be with Nature to nurture your soul .

Thanks Carol for bringing Blooms around the world on one platform.

Monday 15 October 2018

October feel

Past month was quite unusual since monsoon extended till last of September ,which led to rise of post monsoon diseases which had detrimental effect on  health concern in the country ,mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria,dengue,and now Zika has affected badly health of in our region .
But now  as we are entering into weather which is going to be colder in near months we expect relief from these viral diseases .Its mid of October and fall in temperatures at night can  already be felt ,its time for starting planning about spring garden ,and starting for sowing of winter vegetables and flowering annuals.
Meanwhile some new additions such as Dwarf Poinciana have given out their fresh first blooms 


                                         Pride of Barbados/Peacock flower/Dwarf  Poinciana

It was a surprise bloom but rewarding too 

It comes in another color also that is reddish yellow although pure yellow blooms are not so common to find.                                                                                                                          

Another startling first time bloomers were the cypress vine flowers

Although they are grown as annual their leaves and flowers have  beauty that compliments each other amazingly                                                                                                                                  

Day blooming jasmine or cestrum diurnum 

Where night blooming jasmine wafts fragrance at night,day blooming jasmine flowers have strong fragrance in day time.                                                                                                                

Plumeria and Zinnia are giving out blooms with drop at night temperatures

Although these are last blooms of Zinnia since they wont survive with the advent of winter nights

Morning glory blooms are recurrent month after month and  still going healthy blooms

Hibiscus are back after rains

Spider lily blooms are pleasant after September rains 

Chameli or jasmine blooms are refreshing nights with their fragrance

Four o' clock are in full glory

And one unusual inflorescence of Pearl Millet are beautiful 

October month comes with drop in temperature which gives garden revival after summer and monsoon ,Its undoubtedly best season for garden lovers in our region.                             

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Jaunty atmosphere in garden

From past few days weather has been breezy and foggy with a spell of rain in day and night.Monsoon in our city particularly has been persistent even with few rains and according to weather department it will be for few days more.It is boon for plants since there is enough humidity in atmosphere favorable for plants growth.

Some of the perennials are leaving there dormancy after summer to bring themself to bloom .

                                                                    Four 'o clock

Red Ixora back after summer

                                                             White Ixora is a new addition

Clitoria or Butterfly pea blooms in profusion 

                                        Tibouchina  flowers are the star attraction these days

Allamanda blooms are huge and lovely 

Fragrant chameli vine aka Royal Jasmine are back in bloom when the weather is pleasent

Torenias are looking lovely in hanging pots

Lantana are happy in small planters 

My pumpkin vine has a first flower hope fruit formation will start soon

Apart from them there are many other blooms of Adenium obesum,Oleander pink and yellow,Roses,cosmos,hibiscus among others which are blooming continously from last month .

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