Tuesday 30 June 2020

Growing super food at home and benefits

While everyone in the  world is struggling from pandemic it is a fact that our body needs a boost in immunity level to fight with the virus and what could be better for the body if we consume natural substances  for boosting immunity of body .
Moringa tree or Drumstick tree is highly nutritious super food  which contains nearly all required nutrients by the body .It is packed with many vitamins,proteins and essential antioxidants that accelerate the immunity level in the body. It is a proven fact that organically grown veggies and herbs have more nutrients than non organic food . Watch here Benefits of organic harvest

It is so wonderful to know that moringa tree leaves,flowers and fruits all are edible and plant as a whole have many nutrients in each part of the plant.   How to grow organic food explained in detailed step by step procedure                                                                                                                          

This tree requires no care at all if grown in ground and can also be easily grown in pots with some care .It can be propagated through its stems and easily grown from the seeds.  My personal experience on how to grow veggies at home successfully                                                                                     

This pink Frangipani is continuously blooming throughout the summer in my garden 

After  a long time Hoophoe bird visited my garden                                                                                

When Sunset seen is like this you just can't stop clicking                                                                           


Wednesday 24 June 2020

Portulaca plant care

This one particular flowering plant which has been in my garden for years now and grows every summer blooming profusely with many colors without any specific requirement about anything is real reward for the summer garden.

                                               Portulaca in my balcony

                                                    Purslane blooming in profusion

Striped variety of Portulaca

This Purslane beauty has striking combination of colors 

Meanwhile a dusk look like this  from a garden                                                                                        


Sunday 14 June 2020

Summer blooms at 40c

This summer is quite uncertain compared to previous year in fact this year has been by far filled with uncertainty and ambiguity that will be staying for some time more in the latter part of this year.

While we are experiencing Hot summer days  in our region this time with unexpected western disturbances the usual  scorching heat waves are being subsided by the advent of showers periodically in every week.

It has helped a lot for flowers to appear in otherwise colorless summer garden.

                                                 Neon carnation bloom gave a comeback

Hibiscus flowers are enjoying change in weather

Firebush Flowers 

Solanum virginianum 

French Marigold

Rains bring Rain lily to bloom 

Portulaca is one of the most hardy flower in summer 

Peacock flower and Scarlet milkweed are constantly blooming from last month 

Plumeria blooms 

Jasmine blooms 

Zinnia in pots 

Some fresh harvest of tomatoes 

Meanwhile sky is looking cloudy again this weekend 

A sunbird spotted in the garden                                                                                        

Monday 8 June 2020

Benefits of growing Organic fruits

I consider my self  fortunate to be able to get fresh harvest of many varieties of fruits every year in my garden.While growing your own fruits not only gives us  immense happiness and satisfaction it has numerable health benefits too .

                                                                     Mango harvest

These fresh harvest are much more tastier than store bought fruits and added advantage being they are free from use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals which are detrimental to health.

                                                            Grewia Asiatica Aka Phalsa berries


                                                               Pomegranate Harvest

Pentas blooms are refreshing

Meanwhile a Ringneck parrot was captured on  tree                                                                                            

It looked like a stand storm  in the sky                                                                                     

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Plumeria Blooming season

Plumeria plants are very  relatable to summer season .Their hardy stems which remains dormant all winter for long  show up some life with burst of new leaves all over the plant after the arrival of spring  which are then preceded with blossoms that stays all long through the summer.


While Plumeria has a distinct pleasant fragrance but mostly it is the combination of colors and flower structure that makes it an attractive plant of  summer.                                                                              

                                                     Pink Plumeria or Plumeria rubra

                                                 A close up shot of White Plumeria

The above two varieties are not that fragrant in fact have minute fragrance when compared to empowering fragrance of this Common plumeria                                                                            

                                            Common white plumeria                                                  


                                                       Common White plumeria flower                                                            

Plumeria is quite drought tolerant plant when planted in ground but requires a little bit care when grown in a pot .It likes to be  fed with organic manure once in a while for brilliant blooms.                                 

A surprise visit of Indian kingfisher on my Rangoon creeper plant                                                                             


Today's sunset                                                                                                                                        

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