Saturday 31 October 2020

Garden Affair : Bleeding heart vine

 I have always found bleeding heart vine one of the most unusual  and highly appealing vine due to its uniquely shaped  blossoms. Although there are many varieties of Bleeding heart vine this particular variety grows easily in our hot climatic region.

It is the time for link up party Garden Affair where you an share anything about Gardening whether it is about growing plants and trees or sharing images of Flowers, vegetables and plants .It would be my pleasure if you share about any  Flowering vine this week which is  grown at your place or              anywhere else near by  your region.                                                                                                                                          

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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Lantana Care and Maintenance

 Lantana is one of the most attractive perennial grown in our region . It is an easy to maintain plant that can be grown in hot climatic regions.Although there are many varieties of Lantana grown around the world in my collection these four varieties have been successfully grown over the years.


Care and Propagation 

Lantana is an easy plant to grow and can be propagated through cuttings in spring and monsoon season in our region.It does not require too much water to grow and can tolerate drought conditions up to certain level which makes it a hardy plant to grow in those areas which observe long summer months.

Fertilizer and maintenace

It should be protected from frost conditions and saved from direct heatwaves condition in summer.It doesn't require much fertilizer and can be grown in poor soil best grown in porous well drained soil.

Meanwhile my visit to lake when I was lucky enough to click this scene


Spectacular sunrise


Saturday 24 October 2020

Garden Affair : Yellow blooms in Autumn Garden

 It has been evident from many years that my garden is generally filled with Flowers that are predominantly  Yellow in color during the Autumn season every year .


(clock wise left to right: Purslane ,Cosmos,Marigold,Water Lily,Sunflower)

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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Periwinkle plant care tips

 Periwinkle is an easy to grow perennial for temperate region  which  do not observe below freezing point  temperatures. While it is an easy to grow plant and can tolerate drought conditions it should be protected from direct sunlight in those region which observe heat wave conditions in hot summer days.


Periwinkle growing tips and propagation                                                                                           

Periwinkle needs warm weather to flourish and can withstand drought like situations. It does not require much fertilization still gives abundant blooms throughout the year. It can easily be               propagated through stem cuttings in spring or monsoon season for successful growth.            

Periwinkle medicinal values                                                                                                                     

Madagascar Periwinkle


Madagascar periwinkle is most common variety of periwinkle which has many medicinal values. It has been used from ancient times to stop bleeding, treating infections and even help to get rid of swelling.                                                                                                                                                      

Meanwhile a visit to Deer Park after long time 


It was a fortunate evening to click this rainbow after Rains                                                          

Saturday 17 October 2020

Garden Affair : Coral Jasmine

 This month in our region starts with  official beginning for the upcoming festivals for one month starting from the Navratra festival which is ode to the Goddess Durga that is celebrated for nine days.It is interesting to note this month also sees the blooms of Coral jasmine which is a night blooming Jasmine .


Coral jasmine is a beautiful shrub that adores flowers only at the night time for a short period of year.                                                                                                                                                                   
It is a unique jasmine plant variety where petals of pure white color adores a  flower stalk which is beautiful orange in color.                                                                                                                      

It is interesting to note that flowers which blooms at night time does not wither in the morning instead fall from the plant as soon as first  sunrays touches the plant in the morning.    

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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Welcome to Autumn Garden

 Autumn season can be felt in our region completely. Although this year was not  that fortunate with respect to Rainfall still Autumn has arrived on time this year.


Morning Glory blooms are  a welcoming change this time of year


(Upper row : Common Morning glory ,Beach Morning glory or Goat Foot's vine

Lower row: Elephant creeper ,Common morning glory)

It was surprising to see Goat Foot  vine or Beach Morning glory blooming which I had grown from cutting this year  in the monsoon season.


Ruellia Blooms are most rewarding ones in our hot climatic region


Plumeria blooms have been present throughout the year 


Aquatic plants blooming time


                                               (Water Hyacinth and Water Lilies )

                  Lantanas attract butterflies and bees in to the garden 


Four'O Clock is in its complete glory in the autumn season 


Adeniums have gala time in Autumn before the freezing weather sets in entirely


                              Hibiscus have just started up showing the blooms  

Jasmine varieties are seeing some last blooms in Autumn before winter sets in a month or so


                                                    (Crape Jasmine and Coral Jasmine )

                                                    Coral Jasmine or Parizad Flowers

                       It is interesting to know that coral Jasmine which has Hindu mythology significance blooms majorly for  a period of two months in the whole year that too only at night time.

Summer Annuls are at the last stage of blooming 


                                                   (Zinnia,Cosmos,Gomphrena )

I have realized that I have few of the blue and purple vines and shrubs blooming almost whole year 


                                Clockwise ( Plumbago,Clitoria,Cluster vine)

                      These will be showing some more blooms until frigid temperature sets in completely

              Clockwise(Yelloew Oleander,Knock out roses,Cypress vine,Pentas,Pink oleander)

An Indian Myna spotted feeding upon a prey on roof 


The last year visit near a fort and spectacular sunset


I have  started a link up party related to Gardening recently if you are interested to share your gardening experiences please join here at Garden Affair.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Garden Affair : Fruit harvest

 In this tough time when whole world is stuck in there homes due to  lockdown it would be wise decision to start over growing organic stuff at the home. I had been growing vegetables and fruits in my home garden from many years now and the Harvest obtained gives me so much satisfaction and pleasure along with refreshing taste.

Growing Fruits at home  is always rewarding when the fruits are Mangoes



                                                                Chinese Oranges


It is time for Link up party Garden Affair . It would be my pleasure if you share what organic stuff you are growing at your place in these days. The link up party will be open or everyone who wants to share their experiences with gardening and what are they growing in their space.


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Tuesday 6 October 2020

Foliage Fondness

It is true that Mother nature has given plethora of colors in the flowers still we can often observe  unique shaped leaves  and different colored foliage in trees and plants  which adds color to the garden in the absence of blooms .

Here are some of the Houseplants growing at my space that have attractive foliage and add color to the Garden throughout the year

                                                             Acalypha  Plant leaves                                             

Snow bush leaves 

                                                            CALADIUM LEAVES

                                                                Purple heart Plant

                                                              Dracena Leaves 

                                                      Cranberry Hibiscus Plant leaves 


Meanwhile an old variety of Periwinkle makes an appearance after a long time 

A Pigeon was spotted from the windowsill of the  Balcony                                                                  

                                   It looks like a storm is approaching the sky


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