Tuesday 26 May 2020

Fragrant Jasmine plant care

The best part of summer garden is wafting fragrance of summer flower Jasmine in my garden.Jasmine flower is best for those areas where temperatures in summer can cross  over 40 'c since it is an hardy annual of summer garden which can withstand scorching heatwaves prevalent in the summer.

While there are many varieties of Jasmine these varieties can survive scorching heat and even temperatures above 40' c and still give continuous flowering.

                                                          Jasminum Sambac  AKA Arabian jasmine

Jasminun Auriculatum  AKA Juhi flower 

Crape Jasmine 

Crape Jasmine 'Flore peno'

While other varieties of jasmine which are also fragrant infact more fragrant than the above mentioned varieties like Night blooming and day blooming jasmine ,Yellow jasmine,Orange Cestrum and Gardenia are also good for growing in summer but they are not as hardy as the above mentioned Jasmine varieties.                                                                                                                                    

Jasmine plants are usually rough and tough plants that can withstand long drought conditions but like to be fertilized with organic manure occasionally that promotes maximum flower growth on the plants .                                                                                                                                              

Meanwhile A Shikra bird was spotted in my garden                                                                                        

And Dawn sky for Skywatch Friday                                                                                                                  

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Hardy plants for full sun in pots

Summers are in to full effect with strong heatwaves in my region .Now the time has come  to save the plants from direct harsh sunlight and strong heatwaves by keeping them in shaded area.While most of the houseplants can't take the summer heat in my region and are kept in shaded environment or if possible indoors only  few of these hardy houseplants can withstand heatwaves and even strive  in full sun with periodical irrigation 

                                                                      Agave Plant

   Agave are beautiful hardy plants that can survive blistering hot conditions without requirement of water on regular basis .They can be grown in small pots too and can be used in rockeries and creating landscapes.

Although there are many varieties of Agave but these two varieties perform really well when our temperature touches 40 c mark in summer.The above one is Agave Angustifolia and below one is variegated variety of Agave Americana  .                                                                                 

Variegated Agave Plant

Both types of Agave perform really well in hot summer days with added advantage of getting  free plants in the form of puffs that appear from the root of mother plant.                                                     

                                                             Rhoe or Moses in the craddle Plant   
Rhoe plant is another drought tolerant hardy plant that can withstand blistering hot temperature of summer in our region.

                                                                         Tri color variety of Rhoe

Rhoe plants are beautiful ornamental leaves plant that can bear drought conditions up to  infinite days .They are best to add as an ground cover for the vacant areas in garden and does contrast beautifully with every plant.

They can be planted  in attractive planters to add an beauty element to a corner of garden 

                                          This pic shows Rhoe plant grown in Pigeon Ceramic Planter           

When we talk about hardy plant that can flower withstanding temperature between 40 to 45 c in summer Bougainvillea is the best plant that can tolerate drought conditions and still give regular flowering in garden.


Sky shot for Skywatch Friday

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Summer is Here

Summers in my region are not at all anticipated which is quite opposite to the places  in the world where summers are pleasantly welcomed after prolonged freezing winter period .In my region due to unusual scorching heat waves  that summer weather brings we felt relieved whenever  summer is delayed due to extend in winter period .

                                                         Now after delaying by a fortnight presence of summer can be felt in the garden 
                                           Plumeria are coming out of hibernation 

Miniature roses are giving last of their blooms

Scarlet Milkweed blooms are in full glory

Peacock flower Yellow

It was exhilarating to see bloom of semi double Hollyhock

Summers can't be imagined without presence of Adeniums and Zinnias 

Although after delaying for long Summer heat can finally be felt  still some of the spring annuals are showing no signs of withering off in upcoming days                         

Dahlias are still coming up with magnificent blooms

Gazanias are going strong with blooms too

Sky shot for Sky watch Friday                                                                                                            

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Coleus Plant Care tips

          When spring flowers starts fading and wilting  with every day spike in the temperature colorful  coleus gives a sight of relief in dearth of flowers .               


Coleus is an easy thriving colorful leaf plant that can easily be grown through seeds and also with propagation of its stem cuttings.                                                                                                            

Although it can be grown easily throughout the year since it is a soft wood tender plant that ca not withstand extreme weather conditions .Excessive hot or cold climate can  drastically effect the health of plant and even in some cases plant can die too.                                                                

These simple tips can help you grow  coleus plants  easily                                                                    
         - Coleus plant loves water specially in hot climate;                                                                                                              
- It should be kept in indirect sunlight for best growth and protected from frost in winter and heatwaves in summer;                                                                                                            
- They perform best when they are pruned periodically and when there inflorescence is being removed from time to time ;                                                                                             
      - Its better to prepare new cuttings after every six months for the best colors and keeping plants in shape ;                                                                                                                     
     - Although there is no special soil requirement of coleus but still it prefers rich sandy soil for best growth.                                                                                                                     

                                      Hawaiian Hibiscus yellow and red bloomed after long time         

Freshly plucked cherry tomatoes

Today's sky

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