Saturday 30 December 2017

An unusual Shrub

Everything Human ever wanted to survive and thrive for long was provided by the Mother Nature. Whether  Mother nature has blessed us with Food,water,medicine,place for shelter,And even Natural cycles,Environmental climatic changes that too free of charge.

Mother Nature is the greatest craftsmen which extends its skill to nurture our soul and body.One of its greatest art are Flowers that with unusual shapes ,sizes and color makes us think and thank enough the Mother Nature,that how blessed we are.

There is one such amazing shrub whose unusual rare flowers affirms your belief that there is only one best artisan Nature.

Ruttya fruticosa or popularly known as Rabbit Ear's Plant or Hummingbird Plant is a beautiful shrub with orange two lipped tubular flower with brown markings resembling rabbit's head with ears.


The flower also looks like 1 - 2 inch hummingbirds with their wings swept back or from front


They are hardy perennials in our region which thrive perfectly in our warm climate .


Happy Gardening and prosperous new year to my fellow mates.


Tuesday 26 December 2017

Yellow sentiments of Garden

Winter has been mildly entering the city with giving seasonal flowers time period to establish themselves to blossom early. Yellow flowers predominantly bloom early every year other than colors .


                                                             Pansy expressing deep sadness 

Chrysanthemums showing their excitement

Thunbergias dancing in the Sunshine

Gazanias explaining the spectrum of emotions

Merry christmas Everyone !!!!                                                                                                                   


Tuesday 19 December 2017

Planting Spring Bulbs

Growing flowering plants with bulbs is definitely not enthralling alike growing  from seeds since bulbs take a period of dormancy to finally bloom that needs a lot of patience to look upon it .But they have there charm and they could be saved for growing next season .

Soil Mixture

Growing bulbs require very well drained soil which comprises of more of River Sand (about 60 % ) ,Garden soil (30% ),A good compost (10%).

 Since soil is not free from impurities bulbs and soil should be treated with fungicide (Bavistin  powder ).Its important to treat bulbs with fungicide so that they don't rot in the period of dormancy within soil.

Spring bulbs that are planted this year 


   In our region time for planting Tulip bulbs is December  since they thrive  in cold climate to bloom 


Iris flower is most unique shaped flower in appearance 



Daffodil are beautiful flowers that bring blooms with advent of spring there are mainly two varieties available here one with small blooms that are hardy and thrive easily for most part of the year .Another one is yellow daffodil that brings big blooms are hard to grow .

These are yellow daffodil bulbs 



Anemone are easy to grow bulbs that require full sun and well drained soil to thrive .They can tolerate drought to grow .It is better to sow bulbs in water for 6 to 8 hours before sowing for boosting growth . 


Bulbs grow well when less watered and nourished with good sunlight .                                     

Updates about bulbs growth will be updated in upcoming posts .Winter is giving chills in northern part of India and soon weather would intensify into frigidity .Plants would go into dormancy for a month.                                                                                                                                                      

Saturday 16 December 2017

Marigold Mosaic

Marigolds bring magic to the garden with multiflora blooms .


Happy Gardening !

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Winter Blossoms

Winter is finally settling in the city ,Days are not hot anymore ,Mornings are turning to be foggy with every passing day .Winter Flowers have already ousted there appearance before the frigidity sets in.

                                                                Wow !  Gazania Beauty

Who Doesn't love the vibrant colors of Hibiscus

When we talk of colors Petunia is no where behind

when Bee hovers on Gaillardia

Who seems more deeply in thoughts Pansy or Dog 

Bright Yellow Tecoma Flowers 

Chrysanthemum blooming with winter advent 

Intricate Blooms of Crossandra

Year Long Blooming Bougainvillea 

Tecoma Variety (Id unknown )

Dianthus beauty

Celosia Flowers

Plumbago  shining in Sunlight

In the upcoming  post I'll bring in the light on spring bulbs that I have planted this year .

Sunday 10 December 2017

Growing Potatoes in Poly bags

Potatoes are easy to grow vegetables and our bountiful in harvest with minimal efforts .Potatoes are tuberous crop that are grown inside the ground.  In our region the best time to plant potatoes is autumn season ie October to November .Since potatoes are tuberous crop they need deep space to develop roots and thereby formation of potatoes .                                                                               

A sprouted Potatoes 

Growing potatoes in Polythene bags is rewarding since it gives a lot of space to potatoes to                propogate ,these polythene bags can be kept anywhere full sunlight is received for maximum time of day.                                                                                                                                                           
                                                           A large polythene bag

I have filled these polybags with a composition of Garden Soil 70%,Cocopeat 20%,Compost 10%

Firstly Potatoes are placed after filling half  polybag with above composition 

when after 10 days leaves appear above the ground   gradually polybags are filled with soil mixture 

After two months plants of potatoes have grown above the polybags  

After 2.5 month flowers are starting appearing on plants 

And now is the time to await there harvest which could take more than a month .               

Things to kept in mind                                                                                                              

- Potatoes doesn't require much water to grow ,twice a week watering is enough   ;                         

- Stems of plants should be gradually covered with Garden Soil from beneath so that  more harvest is obtained;                                                                                                                                     
-I don't use chemical fertilizer in growing vegetables it is better to use organic compost to get         organic healthy harvest.                                                                                                         

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Veggie Corner : Harvest and Preparation

Growing food in your space not only gives you fresh and chemical free harvest ,but is much more enriched with nutrients and taste much better then the store bought ones.

Winter season in our climate gives opportunity to easily grow bountiful harvest in your available space without deploying any special efforts .

It gives a self pride to pluck your hand grown vegetables and gives regular exercise to your body.

My veggies are all set to pluck giving aroma to different  cuisines

            French beans are so easy to grow and germinate and they give early harvest too


Radish is one winter vegetable that is so tasteful with high nutrient content ,It takes just a more than month to grow them from seed                                                                                                

                                                       Radishes are all set to dig out

Another unique flavored bean contrary to French beans is Labalab Beans popularly known as (Semphali or Balor) in our region

Most loved vegetable which comes in Seed pods i.e. Peas

                                                          A Pea flower rising with dawn

Potatoes are grown for bounty harvest from single potato 

Potatoes in Poly bags 

Tomatoes to give tangy flavor

                                                       Green Chillies to spice up cuisine

Carrots grown in earthen pots

Fresh taste of green leafy vegetables   can rejuvenate your body




Preparation And Plantation                                                                                                          

Winter vegetables does not require much space to grow .We can use old containers ,earthen pots ,old oil cans anything tangibles that are wide in size .If you have barren land u can easily sow seeds of Carrots,Radish,green leafy vegetables ,peas dividing sections for each vegetable .
Soil preparation for planting vegetables in containers

For soil preparation u need porous soil u'll require                                                                                 
- Garden soil, 60%                                                                                                                                      
- River sand or bajri  30%                                                                                                                           
- Organic manure    10%                                                                                                                            
Plantation :
Green leafy vegetables like Fenugreek,Spinach,coriander and others are directly sown in places or even in shallow planters since they have small roots.                                                                        

Carrots ,Radish,beetroot,turnip and all other edible root vegetables require deep containers to       propagate itself and are sown directly .                                                                                   

Peas,Beans,Tomatoes,Eggplant,Green chilli,capsicum and alike vegetables can be sown at a place then further transplanted according to your space within germination.                                            

In next post I 'll discuss how to grow potato easily in poly bags and get bounty harvest.

Happy Gardening .

Abc wednesday                                                                                                                    





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