Friday 16 September 2016

Portulaca Glory

Portulacas are fun to grow due to low maintenance ,less water requirement .


Joie de vivre in Garden

Garden has turned exuberant and lively after the drop in temperature in night and day time.

The annuals alike Balsam are in full bloom and butterflies are enjoying collecting nectar from them .


They look dramatic in an array of rows and add color to the borders of the garden

They are also known as Touch me not since seed pods break when touched and seeds fall off easily

                                                The weather calls for the emergence of birds and bugs which creates pleasant aura of collecting nectar on flowers ,Ixora is one such flower which instantly attracts humming birds and butterflies towards it .


Vines are the easiest to maintain plants since they make their own way and add color to the garden when other annuals had been discarded off ,Butterfly Pea is an unusual looking attracting vine

Aren't they looking pretty collectively         

Zinnias are still creating show in the garden, From the last 4 months they are on continuous bloom                                                                                                                        

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