Sunday 22 December 2013

Eucharis lily bloomed!!

Eucharis Lily bloomed!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally the wait was over eucharis lily bloomed for the first time in my garden,it was today morning that I captured my much  awaited bloom.                                                                                              

Although it has that typical lily appearance and its fragrance if observed closely smells alike of Spider lily(Hymenocallis littoralis) but the amazing part which makes it unique from any other lily is in the centre ;                                                                                

yes it is that tubular centre which reminds me of Daffodil (nargis)
I always wanted to grow daffodil but never found them anywhere so I fulfilled my desire by planting eucharis lily.

many more buds are forming till now count is 5 and may be increase in the coming days.Its definitely a christmas gift for me .


Wednesday 18 December 2013

Fruits organically grown!!

Fruits organically grown!!!!!!!!!!!

Guavas a winter delight....

These guavas are delight to eat and watch 

 This is the tree which have been now for long in my garden and it comes out with these sweet delights every winter even though never fertilized and even watered only during fortnightly but still fills it up all over with the fruits.

Papayas an early fruiting plant ............
Papayas are easy to grow and early fruit bearers 

 Papayas one of the most nutritious fruit .These papayas were grown in the form of a small seedling about a year and half ago ...I planted two of them of which only one beared fruits another one restricted itself to flowering only.
Although used in raw form as a vegetable too but tastes best when eaten as a ripened fruit.These have not shown the indication of ripening and I don't expect they will ripen in winter so have to wait till spring or may be till advent of summer to taste my home grown organic papayas .

Raw mangoes at the winter time...........
My wholeyear blooming mango tree is a rare species in my garden
Although considered a summer fruit my mango tree bears fruit both for winter and summer and I pluck it in the raw form always because it tastes better like that only ...

Thursday 12 December 2013


Vegetables are ready to harvest ,this time I have tried some veggies which are unknown to me before but not brought them into use till now ,they are healthily growing in respective pots and ground.
       Salads very common in Indian cuisine are all set to pluck out from the ground i.e.
White Raddish ,Red carrots


  Although this time Raddish was sown late to enjoy it till february and even later , carrots always take time more then raddish to get matured for harvesting so they were sown little days earlier .

         Peas have starting filling there pods with seeds which actually are the edible part of whole plant,eventhough some people use the skin of the pods too in cuisines.
As in the above picture You can see pods forming seeds and a white pea flower standing erect waiting for its turn to convert into pod ,pea always grows in form of small climbers.

This is parsley grown first time a slow growing plant with edible bracketed whirly leaves,the leaves really look strange and amazing ,still to use in a cuisine or salad .Any suggestions are most invited.

Celery in the middle with lettuce leaves surrounded by ,I have grown Celery for first time got its plant from a local nursery ,the leaves look alike cilantro but rich green colour is awesome,not used still now any suggestions are most invited.Lettuce is grown second time its crisp leaves makes it a versatile ingredient in many cuisines.

Italian Basil with high fragrance is the one saved from the last year the plant has very well survived all year except some leafdrops still to use as a spice in a cuisine.

Garden updates!!

Whats happening in garden !!!!!!!!!!

          After waiting for almost half a year and more finally amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora)
showing buds sincerely waiting for it to bloom .

 it was grown by bulb which i planted in early march and after giving leaves all year around it has choosen to bloom in december, anticipated highly for its bloom .                                                                                                                             

 Rajnigandha (poleanthus tuberose) bloomed  second time in this year its fragrance is breathtaking its time to cut it with stem and place inside the house for the wafting fragrance that it will provide all week long.

 Pansies have started showing there faces ,I have always loved pansies due to there unique face like structure ,every face with different expression .This time I have tried pansies also by seeds but of small miniature cultivars ,which are still to bloom may be till spring.

 I think I have lost them, these are the pumpkin plants that I have grown by seed ...someone suggested to add urea in it for rapid growth and like a fool I did that and see what happened two days later why did I ever did that.

 Dahlias are coming out nicely ,this time I had planted both shaded and giant dahlias lets see which comes first to bloom and the ones which will never bloom(lol:).

Turmeric and ginger both are dropping  leaves showing signs of harvesting and also simultaneously new shoots are thrown above the ground forming new plants .

 Mesembryanthemum(ice plant) growth has increased a bit but not ready to be transplanted ,Ice plant are the most slow growing annuals I had observed till know but blooms are one of the best of all.

Wednesday 11 December 2013


Marigolds !!!!!!!!
Marigold has been integral part in India , due to its sacred value in form of garland but it can be grown easily only during these months in jaipur climate, it stands fresh for long on plants .
As always I have grown them of golden,yellow and white colour   !!! yes you have heard it right of white colours .Finally i have found them at a local nursery blooming with moonwhite colour and just pick them up.


Although they were a bit costly then the usual ones but they are worth it for me.


              these golden ones were obtained from the seeds which i had sown a year back ,the plant obtained from seed were planted in a shady area which survived whole year becoming leggy and never bloomed and finally during diwali time the perfect time for marigolds to bloom they bloomed and respected my efforts. 


Petunias !!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Its a little early scene seeing petunias blooming in profusion but mine are blooming star , picotee ,daddy and probably all bright cultivars . I had planted the seedlings in early october and now they are all covering the whole pot in one and half months time .




many more cultivars are still to bloom so snaps shall be uploaded shortly from the above the pink and red ultra star series are one my favourites and purple picotee is extraordinary.
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