Thursday 26 October 2017

Marigolds in my balcony

What a start to morning sitting in your balcony with Marigolds , sipping hot cup of coffee and enjoying warm sunshine.


Marigold in hanging pots

Marigold on balcony railing

                                                          Partially bloomed Marigold

                                                     French Marigold on railing

I have tried growing adenium from seeds and to my surprise they germinated an update about same will be discussed in upcoming post  .                                                                                      


Thursday 12 October 2017

Growing Avocado Plant from seed

I have  always been fascinated with the idea of  growing fruit plant from seed .Although it requires a lot of patience to grow a plant from seed to reach its fruiting stage,but that is joyous part of gardening .And when we talk about fruit like Avocado that is exotic in our region its definitely thrilling.
  It all started when I bought Avocado fruit from grocery and got to know its seed could actually germinate but wasn't sure ,in any case I was throwing it so thought of giving it try .

I prepared potting soil involving 3 : 1 ratio of Cocopeat to Compost  only , no soil at all .


Here's the seed after eating fruit                                                                                                              

After planting it in pot                                                                                                                              

After one month four days here's a sprout                                                                                      

Happy Gardening     !!!                                                                                                                   

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Miniature Garden

What a pleasing relaxation to mind to walk in the park or in a forest and stop by the greenery,lake,animal kingdom .But in this busy life we are deprived of these little joys of life that  fill our soul with required serenity.

Miniature Garden or Tray Garden are creative arrangement of all elements required to bring a park or forest in a small space .It gives vicarious feeling as if one being into  park or forest or being close to nature.



What if you cant walk into the woods or bridge in a forest you can always get a second hand version of it at your space


What if you don;t stop to gaze  flock of sheep or string of duck in your locality  but you can everyday get vicarious feeling in  ,                                                                                         

How to start a miniature garden                                                                                                       

Youll need                                                                                                                             

- A shallow wide pot or A bonsai pot  ;                                                                                 
- A good drainage compost and soil mix  ;                                                                              
         -  Dwarf plants,I used snowbush ,syngonium, bondo moss, Dwarf eranthemum ,philodendron in above garden ;                                                                                                         
        - Ceramic toys available online ,I got them from gardening exhibtion;                                        - pebbles and gravel and any other small stones  .                                                             
Miniature garden are made with creativity of your desire. They add a colorful attractive place on your table top or add remark in your garden space .                                                                   


A Man sitting on bench in a park


  Happy Gardening                                                                  

                       In the upcoming post i'll  discuss my experience about germination of Avocado seed.

Abc wednesday
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