Saturday 14 March 2020

Spring delayed this year

When there was a rise in temperature in the beginning of this month it felt like its time to bid adieu to Winters but the cold weather persisted with sudden occurrence  of hailstorm in my city .It created havoc in my garden as well and envisaged in the extension of Winter days .

                                  Garden  grass covered with hail after heavy hailstorm

Meanwhile some perennials left there hibernation to show some blooms 

                                                                  Tecoma stans or Yellow bells 


                                                            Curtain Creeper blooming

                                                    Powder puff or Calliandra Flowers         
                                        Calliandra flower bud after long winter period

Bloom of Calliandra

Eucharis lily blooms delayed and chose to bloom at this time of year                                                   

Lupine grown for first time in my garden have started showing up now                                          

Godetia 'Salmon Princess'

 Nasturtium variegated

Impatiens Wallerina 

Calendula officinalis

Geranium cultivar unknown

Although there were many other annuals blooming before hailstorm occurred but only some of them survived the storm and able to bring some blooms into the garden at this time.Hopefully the other annuals will bring blooms back when  spring weather will be in full swing .                       
Thanks Carol for hosting   Garden Bloggers blooms day                                                                                                              
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