Monday 10 June 2019

Weather is HOT!

Heat is worsening every passing day ,wait for monsoon rains to drench away the heat is taking too long .Temperatures are hovering around 42 to 45 degree c which makes it impossible to step out in daytime.THere seems to be no sign of relief from heatwave since weather department does not show any sign of pre monsoon rains to reach our region in coming days.

Where it was getting difficult to protect plants from heatwave conditions thereby to sustain till the advent of monsoon,monkey maul into the garden made situation even more worse than it was already due to weather.They not only spoil the blooms but uproot the plants which decrease there chances to survive even after replanting.

Blooms that survived heat waves and monkey maul were few so here'smy blooms which were blooming in the span of last ten days 


                                        Zinnias blooms before Monkey maul

                                         Color changing Rangoon creeper



                                                                          Miniature Rose

                                                          Ixora pretty blooms

Crinum Lily Blooms

                                                       Portulaca blooms 

                                             Miniature Peach colored Amarylis

                                                          White    Bougainvillea blooms

May the weather god bring relief in upcoming days with early arrival of Monsoon rains .

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