Tuesday 11 September 2018

Jaunty atmosphere in garden

From past few days weather has been breezy and foggy with a spell of rain in day and night.Monsoon in our city particularly has been persistent even with few rains and according to weather department it will be for few days more.It is boon for plants since there is enough humidity in atmosphere favorable for plants growth.

Some of the perennials are leaving there dormancy after summer to bring themself to bloom .

                                                                    Four 'o clock

Red Ixora back after summer

                                                             White Ixora is a new addition

Clitoria or Butterfly pea blooms in profusion 

                                        Tibouchina  flowers are the star attraction these days

Allamanda blooms are huge and lovely 

Fragrant chameli vine aka Royal Jasmine are back in bloom when the weather is pleasent

Torenias are looking lovely in hanging pots

Lantana are happy in small planters 

My pumpkin vine has a first flower hope fruit formation will start soon

Apart from them there are many other blooms of Adenium obesum,Oleander pink and yellow,Roses,cosmos,hibiscus among others which are blooming continously from last month .

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