Wednesday 26 July 2017

Rain Lily makes a comeback

Every variety of lily chooses it's season to bloom depending on  favorable  conditions .One such lily that chose the monsoon season to bloom is Rain Lily or Zephyr Lily .They do not require much care still give startling blooms with the spell of rain .
         Rain lily stays with grass like leaves all year around and gives its blooms with down pour of rain .Although they bloom profusely in monsoon ,but some varieties also bloom with showers during anytime in the year.
I have collection of some varieties of rain lily ,among all my collection the biggest blooms are of Pink Rain lily.They definitely look spectacular when bloomed in array.

There is a pink lily variety with smaller blooms and green center  in the middle of the flower

White rain lily has basically two varieties : One lily with bigger blooms                                          

and other with star shaped comparatively smaller blooms                                                                

Yellow rain lilies have the smallest blooms among all rain lily varieties.                                            

Happy Monsoon  !!!                                                                                                                  

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Cactus & Succulents collection

Gardening is a tedious task ,not everyone wills to take it on regular basis.For those lazy gardeners there are some plants which do not require much care ,still brings nature to your living place.

Cactus and succulents are easily growing plants which can be forgotten for a time but still gives beauty with unique appearances .


Although they are drought tolerant plants but still needs water periodically                

Keeping them in full light is important for their growth                                                        

Above is a star shaped succulent which is rare beauty in my collection

The only flowering cactus Crown of thorns is a real gem withstand any possible condition

An unusual cactus with attractive appearance                                                              

Chain succulent are real grace with trailing like quality                                     

Pencil cactus can be kept indoors too ,needs protection from rain                                                      

Since its monsoon season cactus and succulents need protection from the water logging.                    
Those who want to plant succulents and cactus best time to propogate them is spring. They grow  rapidly in spring atmostphere.                                                                                                               

Happy Monsoon                                                                                                                            

Monday 17 July 2017

Blissful blooms in monsoon

After a long await finally monsoon has hit the city ,the weather is cool and temperature has droop consistently .Last few days were humid and hot with clouds coming on and off the sky .

                                                   Startling magnificent bloom of Tibouchina    

Supreme beauty Sunflower with exuberant vibrant blooms 

Eye catchy color of Tithonia can attract from far in the garden

Plumeria blooms give calmness to the eyes

Plumbago blooms twinkle in the sun like stars

Gomphrena easily grow wild in rain 

Lantanas are treat to watch with sparkling blooms of collection of flowers

Dianthus gives blooms with drop in temperature

 Where Monsoon gives relief from scorching heat and makes garden greener,it has vital effect on economy .A good showery monsoon helps in boon in economy of country since major crops are dependent on to the good monsoon.
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