Wednesday 4 May 2016

Spring Bulbs : Quaint Amaryllis Lily

Amaryllis bulbs are the most hardy bulbs that are easy to grow and propogate in our climate. They are  best suitable for the hot climate ,but bulbs could suffer where winter is frigid .


                   The plant is 60  - 90 cm tall having long strap shaped leaves. The flowers are rose -coloured ,large ,trumpet shaped and are borne in umbels of 2 - 4 flowers at the end of long hollow ,but stout stem.


The planting time is March - April,the bulbs could be dug out after flowering or left in ground for next year. From my experience its better to leave bulb so that it multiplies over the year and bring up more blooms  .                                                                                                                                      

The flowers comes in semi flowering ,double flowering varieties too.This is an attractive low care plant that rewards with blooms in hot climate when all spring flowers fade away.

  They are good for borders,beds,pots and cut blooms .Blooming time here is early summer or late spring.                                                                              

Today's flowers                                            
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