Monday 30 July 2018

Days of Monsoon

We had major downpour till last two days ,garden and its plants are rejuvenated after the monsoon Rains .

                                                Greenery on the Aravalli hills after heavy Rains

 Monsoon is the season that appears at the end of summer that bring  rains, simultaneously with light and some heavy thunderstorms accompanied by period of Rains .During the period of June to September humid south west winds cause plenty of rainfall throughout the country which is monsoon season or Rainy season of the country.
Monsoon is one of the most important season of the year since economic growth of our country majorly  depends upon the good monsoon rains ,its deficiency could led to adverse effect on the GDP of the country.
The coolness in weather and drops of rain on the plants revive the greenery which gets lost during harsh summer days 

                                                Leaves bejeweled beautifully  with the Raindrops                 

Monsoon season works best for the growth of the plants each  plant gives new set of shoots and leaves thereby infusing the freshness and positivity in the whole ambience.                                  

                               New shoots in the morning glory promising heavy flowering in upcoming days 

Lovely articulated leaves of Cycas Palm emerging

I have always wondered from where these wild mushrooms come from in the Monsoon season specially after the heavy Rainfall ,maybe they like humid weather

Another plant that awaits for the downpour are the Rain Lilies ,they give constant blooms as long as there are rains.                                                                                                                    

Happy Monsoon ,May this monsoon infuse new energy and positivity to your soul. 

     Abc wednesday                                                                  

Sunday 15 July 2018

Blooms on arrival of Monsoon

Finally after awaiting for long ,Monsoon has hit the city ,days are cooler with cool breezy winds that has greener effect on garden ,Rains are drenching the plants and my soul with fresh positive energy.Plants are reciprocating thereby giving new shoots and blooms .                                        

Rains are important part for predicting weather system for the upcoming year too and overall helps in the well being of Flora and Fauna.                             

                                                       Mexican Pink Oleander                                                                   

 Pink Ixora


 Humming bird favorite Fire bush Plant

Shaded Orange Day Lily

Rain Lily pink ones appeared first after rain

Blue Plumbago Flowers 

 Lantana plant

Yellow Oleander


REd  Jatropha 

Fragrant blooms of Murraya Plant or Kamini Plant

Common Native Indian Rose 

Double crape jasmine

Morning Glory



Pink Ruellia or Desert Petunia

Thanks carol for hosting Garden Bloggers Blooms day

Monday 2 July 2018

Zeal for Football in my Garden

Where the whole world is gripped to the FIFA world cup fever my garden is not saved from it.
Football Lily or Blood lily whatever we call is a beautiful bulbous plant that chooses summer to come into bloom is in full glory celebrating FIFA '18.



Football Lily is grown through bulb which is planted in spring, after staying in dormancy it choose late summer to come into bloom.                                                                                                 

The beautiful breathtaking flower comes firstly directly from the soil afterwards leaves starts forming which stays whole year till the inception of winter days .

These lilies are most awaited flowers for bringing zeal to heart in harsh summer days.

Zeal is  for z for Abc wednesday
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