Tuesday 29 December 2020

Are these weeds ?

 It is a preconceived notion that any flower  which is self growing anywhere is a weed whenever it is observed that is growing by itself in the wild environment .I had been plucking out these two beautiful flowers considering them weed until I discovered that they are not counted in the category of weed.

                                                                   Blue pimpernel

Blue pimpernel flower is not a weed as it is considered creeping perennial in many countries but is grown as an  Winter annual in my region where rosette like leaves with blue colored flower emerging from the leaves.


                                    Dandelion flowers after wilting forms the beautiful seed pods

Dandelion is not a weed and is considered for the  anti infection treatment in the medicine world. It has been also used for the problem of indigestion in the medical science.

And a rare sight of yellow throated sparrow

                                                      Yellow Throated sparrow

This  Adenium bloomed in spite of the  the cold weather


And a Stunning evening sky


Saturday 26 December 2020

Garden Affair : Merry Xmas

This year has been quite stressful for the entire world and as it is about to end I wish everyone a safe and better new year   .                    

          It is the festive time around the world and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas .

Here is a small glimpse of how I celebrated Christmas this year



Chocolate Ganache cake prepared at home

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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Tis the season

 This is the holiday season as the Christmas  is around and what could be  better time for the Christmas cactus  to bloom in my garden . 

Happy X'MAS To everyone  



                                                                       Christmas Cactus blooms


Meanwhile a group of parakeets were spotted quenching there thirst


A cloud spotted imitating a bird


Saturday 19 December 2020

Garden Affair : Petunias


Petunias are one of the most looked after favorite annuals in our region as they have a long blooming period of more than six months due to their hardiness and drought tolerant nature they are always abundantly grown in our weather conditions.


Care and propagation

They are hardy plants in nature and generally can grow easily in any type of soil and can even withstand drought conditions for long period. It is interesting to note that they can be easily propagated through their stem cuttings and are a bit difficult to grow by seeds.

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Tuesday 15 December 2020

Winter chills

This time of year while life has halted a bit it is the transition in weather that had bring excitement back in to the life as and when new things have started happening in the garden  and after all within few months spring blooms will fill up garden with exuberant atmosphere.

Meanwhile a look upon some of the blooms from the garden right know 


                           Golden Shrimp plant or Pachystachys lutea


Pink Dombeya Flower


I have bought one of the Fuchsia variety for the spring blossoms


Drumstick Aka Moringa tree flowering season


 Geranium is blooming back




Marigold varieties are in full bloom


Finally Chrysanthemums  are blooming with burst of colors


                            A cloudy    sky promising rainy weather  for few days



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Saturday 12 December 2020

Garden Affair : Chrysanthemums

 Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular Flowering plant which has exuberant long lasting blooms.I have always cherished about my collection of Chrysanthemums and tried to save all my varieties year after year even after suffering from the harshest of summer .This is the time period when Chrysanthemums choose to bloom in full swing in my region.

Firstly I want to share some of the new varieties of Chrysanthemums added  in my garden this year

                                                         Green Chrysanthemums

Button Chrysanthemums 

And some of the  varieties from my old collection  of chrysanthemums 

                                                   Reflex Mums 




                                                                         Spider Mums 



Button Mums 



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Tuesday 8 December 2020

Leaf Propogation

 Plants world is mysterious and exciting at the same time .I have always been interested in discovering new ideas for propagation of plants and here I want to share a technique of propagation of plants through their leaves .Leaf propagation is an exciting way to propagate and multiply your collection of specific variety of  plant . Although it is a fact that not many plants can be propagated through this technique but the ones that can be grown easily are Kalanchoe, Sansevieria , Begonia,Hoya,Sedum,Episcia ,Peperomia ,Jade and many other varieties of plants.

Here I want to explain about the most easy propagation of leaf which is from Kalanchoe pinnata plant 

            This below is a successful propagation of Kalanchoe pinnata leaf as little new plants emerging from the leafs can be seen                                                                           

It is important to know that for propagation leaf should be covered within soil partially so that roots can develop and new plant can grow easily 


Sansevieria leaf cuttings 


Care tips  during Leaf Propagation

Leaf used for propagation should be enough  thick  so that it has strength to hold the new plants until roots are established.

Leaf should be kept in shaded area until new plants develop roots and are ready to be transplanted.

Meanwhile Petunias have started blooming with drop in temperatures.


I was able to spot Brahminy Starling at roof


And Pigeons all over the sky


Friday 4 December 2020

Garden Affair : Painting earthen pots

 The one Gardening essential which everyone is aware of is pots which comes in different varieties ,shapes and sizes. It is my personal experience that earthen pots are best suited for all type of plants especially  in the hot region like ours  as they tend to keep plants moist for longer than pots made of any other component be it plastic,ceramic or anything else.

I had discovered joy in painting earthen pots with colors of nature which makes them look  attractive and increase there durability .This time is best to revive your hobbies and spent more time with nature owing to the current pandemic.


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Tuesday 1 December 2020

Garden Therapy

Gardening is just not a hobby it is a passion that can help  you come out  from depression and stress.

It is my personal experience that merely looking to the garden can elevate the mood of distressed and working with the plants can lighten up and even demolish your negative thoughts completely.

 Ask the people who like growing plants and feel bundle of joy when their first seed grown tomato gets ripened for harvest. This year has forced the world to stay at their home and the situation can not be ruled out anytime soon. It is best time to get involve into the gardening to bring optimistic approach in this stressful period of our life.

     This is the Tomato harvest from my last spring and I can tell you that my excitement for it's harvest was exactly the same which was a decade earlier.


        Benefits of gardening for the people who have to isolate themselves from the society owing to the pandemic



It is a fact that elderly people have to stay at home as they are more prone to the pandemic thereby they can start gardening in small or large spaces which will help them relief from stress and anxiety issues. It helps in improving physical as well mental health of a person.

It does not let you feel alone and gives you rewards for your hard work.However it is just not plants presence of birds,bees in the garden makes us feel happier also .

                                                                   A Peacock captured in a Park

And off course who doesn't like flowers and don't stop by to smell it and adore its beauty

Carnation Flower

Winter Morning sky

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