Saturday 14 December 2019

Xmas days

Winter days are here ,chills can be felt throughout the day.While we never experience freezing cold in our region but chilly cold waves coming from snow capped mountains envisage  in commencing of the winter period . 

Meanwhile here's whats into bloom this month,Thanks Carol for hosting Garden bloggers blooms day every month.

                                                                            Pink Dombeya 

Thunbergia Erecta,King's mantle


First appearance of Dahlia

Arrival of Petunias 

Rose bud formation


Happy X'mas .


Sunday 10 November 2019

Swerve into winter

This year has seen drastic rainfall activities which has instigated winter chills earlier than it happens.
Garden is right now in dilemma to leave summer heat or to accept the chilling waft of winter,meanwhile summer flowering annuals are  in full glory.


Adenium Obesum



While summer annuals are in full glory winter flowering has just begun                                              

Cockscomb Plant


'Neon' Carnation


Rutteya Fruticosa

Cluster vine in full glory

For flowers around the world visit Maydreamsgardens

Tuesday 15 October 2019

On the move

          With abundance of Rainfall and  wet weather ,rainfall surpassing and almost breaking its all time records its officially the end of Monsoon season,No not really it is still creating havoc in many parts of India till today.It has definitely boosted the advent of winter chills in the garden ,Garden is on the move with transition from hot to chill weather taking rapidly.
                                  Meanwhile some of blooms are as astonishing as the rains.                                                                    

                                                   Elephant creeper blooms are attractive 


One of my favorite jasmine Coral Jasmine with most unusual night  blooming flowers.

Princess Flower or Tibouchina 

Canna Lilies are beauty

Cranberry Hibiscus 

Rain brings the rain lilies

Cluster vine 

Wedelia creeper

Powder puff blooms

Good old portulaca 

Trailing Lantana 

Butterfly weed

Red Ixora

Turk's cap

Firebush in blooms

A bouquet of Four'o clock blooms

Day blooming jasmine

Happy Gardening !          Watch what's blooming around the world at Maydreamsgardens

Saturday 14 September 2019


Weather is most unpredictable topic to be assure about in the universe ,it never remains constant.It was only two months back we were roasted with hot summer heatwaves,not anymore since change is inevitable thereby situation has changed  ,dry state has been converted into wet and humid over the passage of two months with the onset of Monsoon.Thereby one should believe in the god and wait for him to rotate the   kaleidoscope of life to bring change for betterment.                                                                           

Zinnias in full glory

About to bloom

Mirabilis Jalpa or Four o' clock

Double Crape Jasmine

White Ruellia

Crinum 'Milk and Wine' Lily

Pink oleander

Yellow Lantana

Gomphrena or Globe Amaranthus

                                            When Life gives you lemon collect them


Peacock Flower or Barbados pride Plant 

Butterfly Pea flower

Green Hairstreak on Pentas

Cypress vine flowering 

Rain brings rain Lily

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