Tuesday 16 January 2018

Beauty of Buds

Winter has been unpredictable this year with fluctuation in temperature of day and night.When spring seems near buds on plants start appear that bring anticipation of blooming atmosphere in garden.

If buds are that beautiful spring is worth waiting

                                                        Asiatic lily about to unfurl its petals 

Ranunculus buds

 My favorite Cornflower appearing in many colors

Dahlia unfurling petals

 Princess Plant or Tibouchina in its bud stage

 Sweet Peas are new to my garden

 Fuchsia grown as Annual in our region

 Calendula buds

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Abloom of Chrysanthemums

It gives me immense pleasure when all other flowers are in bud stage chrysanthemums bloom in the winter to give color to otherwise dull garden 


                                                                 Button Chrysanthemum 

                                                                     Reflex Chrysanthemum

Happy Gardening !!                                                                                                                        

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Zeal for Petunias

Happy New Year 2018 Friends !!

Every beginning of the year embarks a new journey with Zest and Zeal. 


And takes you on a ride with highs and lows in the journey                                            

but if you are optimist enough you know you will pass out every phase happily  like these  petunias 

And grow with every passing day outshining every other day                                        

I hope these colorful petunias will bring sigh of relief  for the snow covered regions across the world and bring  zeal for upcoming days of spring.                                                                                                                    
Happy Winters !!!                                                                                                                        

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