Tuesday 13 February 2018

Floral abundance with onset of spring

Winters being moderate this year encouraged onset of spring flowers earlier than its time.Spring is the most awaited season in the garden when grass is green ,garden is filled with freshness of fragrance from flowers.

Tibouchiana is interesting shrub with startling blooms 

Miniature carnation with sweet fragrance

Ranunculus blooms are eye catchy of all

Dahlia attracts lots of bees everyday

Cineraria are  best to brighten up shady areas of garden

Calcecoria or Ladies slipper is the most unusual flower of spring 

Fuschia blooms with onset of spring

Nasturtium in hanging planters 

Trailing lobelia in hanging baskets 

Begnonia vine all covered with blooms with favorable weather

Acroclinium with papery texture in hand

Candytuft with abstract design of art

Cornflowers are sparklers in sunshine

GAzania beauty

Antirrhinum or popular known as Dog flower

Popular for making garlands marguerita daisy

Rows of Calendula is a scene to adore

Sweet Peas waft fragrance within atmostphere

Impatiens are another shade lovers plants

How beauty a weed could be ?

Alyssum with honey alike fragrance

Spring is not only about  colorful blooms,but about onset of  new energy in the soul .

Friday 2 February 2018

Dramatic Pansies

Its almost the end of another winter which was not so cold this year ,pansies are one of my favorite winter annuals that brings riot of colors and unique shaped flowers  appearance in garden.
Adding dramatic expressions every pansy has a story to say.


Spring is round the corner weather is uneven with fluctuation in day and night temperatures.

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