Saturday 30 January 2021

Garden Affair : Birds attracting plants

It is unfortunate that only after  the rise of Bird flu in our region  people are now realizing importance of Birds in the environment.  Birds have been integral part of our ecological balance and for the Nature  enthusiasts like me they add value to the nature . Birds have always played an important role by awakening mankind with the possibilities of  Nature. 
Birds along with butterflies helps in pollination of plants ,dispersion of seeds and thereby playing important role in recycling nutrients back to the earth. It is a fascinating day for Garden enthusiast to spot a sight of birds . Hereby it is important to note that adding birds attracting plants in your Garden can actually treat with presence of birds.

Here is a glance of plants growing in my Garden that actually attract  Sunbirds and Hummingbirds.

                                                           Milkweed attracts Sunbirds                 

Firebush Plant is favorite for Hummingbirds

                                   Pentas and Ixora attracts many species of birds and butterflies




Lantana is not only favorite among butterflies but attracts Hummingbirds too


It is surprising but true Sunbirds are attracted to Fruit bearing flowers like Pomegranate and Guava 

                                                                  Pomegranate Flower
The above list is restricted to the plants present in my Garden and is non exhaustive list of pants attracting birds.

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Wednesday 27 January 2021

Signs of Spring ?

 The weather is becoming unpredictable every passing year ,it was just a week ago that cold waves and fog conditions was prevalent in the  whole city and there was no sign of warming up of weather and it is now in this week that temperatures are increasing every day which has helped the annuals and perennials to come up with blooms.

Although there are few weeks left for the outbreak of spring the sudden rise in temperatures has led to early formation of buds on plants

                                                         Knock out Rose 

                                                             Helichrysum Plant

                                                           Sweet peas                                                              

Corn Flower  buds 

It could be quite possible  by the next year that spring outbreak could be observed in the January itself going by the decreasing winter every year.

A Hazy Sunrise 


                                 Indian Robbin 



Saturday 23 January 2021

Garden Affair : Gazania beauty

 Winters are becoming mild in my region by every passing year  some of the early spring annuals are unfurling earlier than expected and one of the most loved bi annual Gazania is already in to the blooms and gracing my garden when there is still some time left  for the spring season annuals.


Gazania Care and fertilization                                                                                                    
Gazania is one of the most easy to grow hardy annual that can withstand drought like conditions and still give enormous rewarding blooms for a long time period until harsh summer days .
It does require a feed of any good fertilizer  monthly for prolonged blooms and grows best in full sunlight conditions.                                                                                                                                 
The winter has been milder and duration has been shortened compared to the last year may be due to the effect of global warming. 

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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Herbs in my Garden

 Growing herbs in Garden can be beneficial in many ways for the amateur Gardener too as Herbs are easy to grow and generally require minimal efforts to grow and can be harvested in  a  short period of time . 

It is a wonderful plant to enjoy gardening with advantage of growing plant that can be used in culinary arts to increase smell , taste and flavor of the cuisine.

                                                          A   vertical Herb Garden 

  It can be started in a small space and  you don't need a green thumb to grow and cultivate harvest of herbs and still enjoy the unique fragrance and flavor of each herb in your garden.

Growing and care

Herbs can be easily grown through their seeds and some of the herbs can be even propagated through stem cuttings

                                                   Spinach grown in Left over old oil can 

They do not require much space or fertilizer for growth and can be grown in shallow pots for that matter in  any left over container.

                                                           Fenugreek growing in a pot

Herbs are best plants to grow for those avid gardeners who don't have patience for plant to grow and bear fruits or flowers .

                                                             Basil grown in a sack 


Petunias are coming out nicely after rise in temperatures


A flight of pigeons captured


A sunset to remember 



Saturday 16 January 2021

Garden Affair : Small space Gardening

 It has become an increasing popular Gardening culture and convenience of growing plants in small places by applying techniques of gardening that helps in utilizing small spaces in a manner that many varieties of plants can be grown within a restricted amount of space.

Here are some of the easy ways to use spaces for Gardening 

Hanging baskets and Recyclable containers

The most popular and appealing technique of growing varieties of flowers and annual crops is planting hanging baskets and inverted bottles and pots . This is quite economical technique as anyone willing to start gardening in absence of ground can use recyclable bottles and containers and can even bring hanging baskets easily available in the market.


     These are easy to hang over the walls and  place beneath the ceiling which looks appealing to the eyes and adds aesthetics to your space.


Vertical Garden ideas                                                                                                                        

It is becoming increasing popular to grow Garden tower with respect to  taking support against wall which helps in utilizing space effectively in  a restricted area and gives satisfaction of growing plants .


Window sill gardening 

This is good idea for the plants that strive in less  sunlight conditions and can be grown in conditions with low light or artificial light conditions.

                                           Growing Succulents on grills of window sill


Container Gardening 

The most appealing and aesthetic idea of gardening in small spaces is to grow different plants in a large container .The plants are arranged in a an artistic manner in a large container so that it brings an aesthetic aura to the spectator.

Raised bed Gardening 

This is a concept of making a small patio garden in balconies and roofs mainly for the purpose of growing veggies and obtaining other harvest. A bed is structures using bricks, wood as per available and required space in a manner so that fresh veggies can be grown and obtained accordingly. 


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Tuesday 12 January 2021

Cold and Dark days

 This year began on a chilling note as it rained continuously which led to dark and foggy days for a week and when now the weather is clearing up some of the blooms are showing up 


Christmas cactus booming indoors


Chrysanthemums are one of the blooms that are adding color in spite of cold chilling weather


 I am glad to notice the  Bougainvillea blooming back after many days


First sight of Petunias in this year


Marigolds blooms are coming out slowly as weather is clearing up gradually


Meanwhile with  the rise in the cases of Bird Flu in my region  some of the Indian Mynas were spotted roaming over the park


            And a Sunrise after days of Dark gloomy sky 



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Saturday 9 January 2021

Garden Affair : Asiatic Lilies Blooms

 The wait is over for the most sought after awaited  Lily blooms every year .Asiatic Lilies are one of the most stunning Lilies that bloom in our region days before the spring outbreak. Although it is surprising to experience harsh winters this year still somehow Asiatic Lilies have managed to bloom at the time when Garden is devoid of blooms due to winters.


Asiatic Lily care

These lily are grown through bulbs which takes almost two months to come to blooms and blooms remain intact for a week or 10 days. They prefer sunny bright light conditions for growth and blooming .They need fertilization at the time of bud formation and did not prefer over watering conditions.

I have also grown Oriental lily bulbs which are still not in to the blooming stage.

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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Marigold flower

 Marigold flower is most widely grown flower in our region .It has significant religious and medicinal value in our region . It is one of the most hardy and easy to grow drought tolerant annual which can be grown throughout the year in our climate.

                                                            AFRICAN MARIGOLD

Care and Flowering                                                                                                                        


Marigold Flowers are easy to grow from seeds and can also be propagated from stem cutting. A marigold plant bears its first bud within a period of 45 to 50 days from the day of sowing of seeds . They do not require much care and can withstand drought like situations for long and still bear blooms in profusion even without fertilizing .                                                                                                      


Types of Marigold flowers                                                                                                                             
             African Marigolds 

African Marigold have giant blooms from color ranging from Golden,Yellow,White , Red ,Orange and many variations in these colors.                                                                                                        

                                                                    French Marigolds                                                                                         
Whereas French marigolds have smaller blooms in comparison to African Marigolds but  are more  bushier and gives out more blooms than African varieties.                                                                

Seeds Growing and Propagation from Cuttings

Marigold seeds are easy to collect from the dried flowers and even easier to germinate with high germination rate as compared with other hardy annuals.                                                                 

Harvesting of Marigold Flowers and Sun Requirements

Marigold Flowers grow very well in Full sun and will underperform in shaded or partial sun conditions 
How to know that Marigold flower is fully matured and ready to Harvest .
Marigold flower is ready to harvest when the center of the flower is visible and fully bloomed .

A close up of Indian Parrot

Clouds streaming like a river 

Saturday 2 January 2021

Garden Affair : Winter annuals for shallow pots


Happy new year everyone. The year has started with spine chilling winter waves in our region presently which has led to fall in temperature in many areas in our region. It was just a day back that temperature was recorded lower than 30 F thereby it is still a long wait for  spring annuals to bloom .Hereby  in this post I will throw light upon some Winter annuals in our region which can be grown in shallow pots owing to there small roots.The flowering  plants with small root formation can easily be grown in Shallow, small pots and  it is due to less availability of space for growing winter or spring annuals these below plants can be easily grown in small balconies and spaces in small pots or hanging baskets.



Pansy is one of the most unique and rewarding winter annual which can easily be grown in shallow pots and hanging baskets as they have small roots .They are easiest plant to grow in any kind of pots and flower beds.


Cineraria Flower is one of the most attractive low maintenance plant that grows well in semi shaded areas .It can be easily grown in shallow pots and hanging baskets .



             Petunias are best plants to grow in shallow pots and hanging baskets since they are quite hardy winter annuals which can be grown in small pots or flower beds as they adopt to every situation easily without affecting the blooms.



                          Alyssum is annual that is best suited to be grown as a border plant for other spring annuals and its fragrance that resembles warm honey is pleasing.They add so much beauty to the hanging pots and small flower beds.



                                                                     Calendula also known as pot marigolds have shallow roots and look stunning when grown in profusion in a row or even in hanging baskets.

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