Saturday, 6 November 2021

Garden Affair : Bonsai

 Bonsai has been one of the oldest technique of growing trees in a shallow pot.  Bonsai as an art can envisage in growing large tree in a small pot. Bonsai has been considered as respectful in Feng shui as for their ability to draw positive energy in the room and it gives a sight of relief and joy to every passerby near the bonsai. 

                                                                    Jade Bonsai

Techniques of growing Bonsai

- For a beginner Bonsai plant chosen should be a hardy plant like a Jade plant. 

- A matured plant at least two to three years old should be chosen for making a bonsai plant

 - Choosing a correct size of pot  for bonsai plant is essential to successful growth of plant. 

- It is important to choose a soil mixture which is light and airy in texture so that roots can penetrate into the pot easily. 

- A rustproof thin wire should be used for giving desired shape to the branches. 

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  1. Beautiful Bonsai! I wish I had the patience for one.

  2. Thanks for the bonsai tips. They seem like they need a lot of careful attention. In Seattle WA USA where I live there's a big garden of them, pretty sure they need to stay outdoors all year long.

  3. I like bonsai plants and they are very expensive. I don't have the patience to care for one.

  4. We have a Bonsai in our kitchen (not a very expensive one :-))
    All the best from Austria

  5. I've had them before but didn't do it good here by me at my home. I also really liked the tips so might buy again in future maybe. Best regards from the Netherlands.

  6. I never thought to do it by my one.
    You are very skilled, Arun!
    Thank you for these details!
    Happy WW!

  7. My mum does bonsai. I don't have the patience...

  8. Very attractive bonsai. I tried and failed. I think plant selection was my problem.

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