Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Monsoon is here

 Monsoon has finally hit the city after a long await which has helped to get relief from humid and hot climate . Monsoon brings transition in the weather which helps the Garden regain its greenery and beauty. 

Transition in weather has facilitated blooms in the garden

                                                                         JATROPHA BUSH 

                                                                Lagerstroemia Speciosa          




Balsam Flowers


                                                           Gomphrena Blooms 




I am glad to spot wave petunias growing in summer 


While there are many other blooms of  varieties of Jasmine  , plumeria  blooming from last many days this particular wild flower drew my attention when I was strolling in my garden. I don't know the name of this flower if anyone know please do comment.


An Amazing Monsoon sky capture




  1. Der Regen ist ein Segen für die Natur, nur bei uns ist jetzt genug Regen gefallen.
    Wunderbar blüht es in Garten.
    L G Pia

  2. You always have beautiful flowers. Glad you are getting some relief from the heat and humidity.

  3. Arun, your garden is gorgeous as always. Happy Bloom Day!

  4. Your flowers are always so bright, so vivid! My zinnias are always faded out colors.

  5. I'm glad that the monsoon rains have improved your weather conditions, Arun. Your sunflowers and zinnias are well ahead of mine, which are still only seedlings. The photo of Jatropha reminds me of how much I like that flower. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. I am surprised that you have some of the same flowers blooming as we do in Germany. Thanks for linking to Nature Thursday. Elke

  7. Living in temperate Northeast United States, I think I've mentioned to you that I've never seen a monsoon. But that sky looks so familiar to skies we've been seeing here a lot. I always enjoy your blend of flowers I am quite familiar with and flowers we can't grow here for one reason or another. Our sunflower isn't blooming yet. Love yours. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. Greetings and Salutations! Your flowers made me smile. Now I can take on the day happy. I am in gratitude.

  9. Beautiful sky. The sunflower looks gigantic!

  10. Wow! The rain certainly brings some fantastic colors and skies :)

    I'm so happy to see your link at My Corner of the World this week!

  11. Beautiful flowers you have!

  12. Wonderful impressions from your garden and also the last picture is very impressive.

    Many greetings

  13. Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.

  14. Gorgeous monsoon sky! Here when it rains the coolness is brief and the humidity worse. We can't have everything, I guess. Love your zinnias. They were one of my dad's favorites.


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