Saturday, 10 July 2021

Garden Affair : Summer Harvest

 Summer season is slowly transitioning into humid monsoon weather . I have recently harvested some  organic veggies from my Garden. While monsoon has taken slow start this year if weather department is to be believed it will be a good overall  monsoon this year.

                                                                 Capsicum Harvest 

Apple Gourd 




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  1. wow your garden looks amazing. Because it is so cold and wet here peppers have a hard time growing. Tomatoes too. The Apple gourd is something I have not seen before. Have a very nice evening.

  2. How weird is the apple gourd? Do you eat it like a vegetable or a fruit? (cooked?)

  3. Oh, it's already harvest time for cucumbers, peppers and melons in India! Here it all takes a while ...
    I wish you a good, fruitful monsoon season!
    All the best from Austria,

  4. Wow! So good to see your edible plants fruiting. I have tried to grow capsicum from seeds from one of the capsicum I used for cooking but it wasn't doing well. I haven't seen apple gourd and the strange cucumber before. Very interesting. I am currently planting the same type of brinjal and I love it. It is very fleshy. Thank you for hosting. Have a great new week.

  5. Harvesting from your own garden is so satisfying!

  6. Wow! Is all this in your garden ?! Wonderful!

    Have a fine week!

  7. Wonderful harvest!
    In Romania, in general, is cultivated long "apple ground" (white courgette) - the same color, almost the same "texture", but I don't know if the same taste. They seem to be "relatives." 😊

  8. Good for you! Have a nice weekend.


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