Saturday, 2 January 2021

Garden Affair : Winter annuals for shallow pots


Happy new year everyone. The year has started with spine chilling winter waves in our region presently which has led to fall in temperature in many areas in our region. It was just a day back that temperature was recorded lower than 30 F thereby it is still a long wait for  spring annuals to bloom .Hereby  in this post I will throw light upon some Winter annuals in our region which can be grown in shallow pots owing to there small roots.The flowering  plants with small root formation can easily be grown in Shallow, small pots and  it is due to less availability of space for growing winter or spring annuals these below plants can be easily grown in small balconies and spaces in small pots or hanging baskets.



Pansy is one of the most unique and rewarding winter annual which can easily be grown in shallow pots and hanging baskets as they have small roots .They are easiest plant to grow in any kind of pots and flower beds.


Cineraria Flower is one of the most attractive low maintenance plant that grows well in semi shaded areas .It can be easily grown in shallow pots and hanging baskets .



             Petunias are best plants to grow in shallow pots and hanging baskets since they are quite hardy winter annuals which can be grown in small pots or flower beds as they adopt to every situation easily without affecting the blooms.



                          Alyssum is annual that is best suited to be grown as a border plant for other spring annuals and its fragrance that resembles warm honey is pleasing.They add so much beauty to the hanging pots and small flower beds.



                                                                     Calendula also known as pot marigolds have shallow roots and look stunning when grown in profusion in a row or even in hanging baskets.

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  1. Happy Sunday! And all the best for the New Year.

  2. Your violets still look beautiful. As if they play the violin on their flowers for you. But also the other flowers you have put in the spotlight. Flowers are also very happy if you share them all. Wish you a fine and nice gardening year. Lg, Tine from Holland

  3. The flowers are all very pretty and colourful. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

  4. Thank you for your invitation :)

  5. Your pictures remind me of summer. Thank you for inviting me. And still we can wish a happy new year.

  6. I miss those pansies! I don't a chance to enjoy them here. Thank you for this post. The blooms look so happy :D

  7. Beautiful flowers and much needed color! Thank you.

  8. Colorful flowers
    With regards


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