Saturday 30 January 2021

Garden Affair : Birds attracting plants

It is unfortunate that only after  the rise of Bird flu in our region  people are now realizing importance of Birds in the environment.  Birds have been integral part of our ecological balance and for the Nature  enthusiasts like me they add value to the nature . Birds have always played an important role by awakening mankind with the possibilities of  Nature. 
Birds along with butterflies helps in pollination of plants ,dispersion of seeds and thereby playing important role in recycling nutrients back to the earth. It is a fascinating day for Garden enthusiast to spot a sight of birds . Hereby it is important to note that adding birds attracting plants in your Garden can actually treat with presence of birds.

Here is a glance of plants growing in my Garden that actually attract  Sunbirds and Hummingbirds.

                                                           Milkweed attracts Sunbirds                 

Firebush Plant is favorite for Hummingbirds

                                   Pentas and Ixora attracts many species of birds and butterflies




Lantana is not only favorite among butterflies but attracts Hummingbirds too


It is surprising but true Sunbirds are attracted to Fruit bearing flowers like Pomegranate and Guava 

                                                                  Pomegranate Flower
The above list is restricted to the plants present in my Garden and is non exhaustive list of pants attracting birds.

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  1. Wonderful blooms!
    Yes, birds are much more important to nature than we think. Some seeds cannot become plants until a bird has eaten and digested the seeds. And i have read that once in china all sparrows were killes because they were considered a "plague". Then they learned that mosquitos and flies (which were previously eaten by the sparrows) are a far greater plague...
    Best wishes and happy weekend, Traude

  2. The flowers in your garden are wonderful.
    Oh yes! Some birds play an important role in plant pollination.
    I wish you to have a wonderful day!

  3. As always, your garden is filled with beautiful flowers. I have an ixora plant in my garden. I used to have a few lantana plants but when I converted my mini garden to plant more edibles, my friend have adopted a few of my flowering plants.

  4. Beautiful flowers...I am so eager for warmer weather and the return of flowers!

  5. Your series of shots is enviable!
    All the best for the new week and month ahead.

  6. The Ixora is so pretty. It reminds me a little of the hydarangea:) Thanks for leaving a link, and for hosting! Jesh

  7. Adorable flowers! I would love to be a hummingbird! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Thank you for this infinite beauties, Arun!
    Happy WW!

  9. Pretty flowers! I'd like to have some plants that attract hummingbirds.

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