Saturday, 9 January 2021

Garden Affair : Asiatic Lilies Blooms

 The wait is over for the most sought after awaited  Lily blooms every year .Asiatic Lilies are one of the most stunning Lilies that bloom in our region days before the spring outbreak. Although it is surprising to experience harsh winters this year still somehow Asiatic Lilies have managed to bloom at the time when Garden is devoid of blooms due to winters.


Asiatic Lily care

These lily are grown through bulbs which takes almost two months to come to blooms and blooms remain intact for a week or 10 days. They prefer sunny bright light conditions for growth and blooming .They need fertilization at the time of bud formation and did not prefer over watering conditions.

I have also grown Oriental lily bulbs which are still not in to the blooming stage.

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  1. Lilies are so beautiful flowers!
    All the best for 2021 🍀
    and best wishes, Traude

  2. Beautiful lilies from your garden. Thank you for hosting. Have a great day.

  3. Charming!
    Thanks for hosting and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Wir müssen leider noch lange warten bis die Lilien in unserem Garten so schön blühen.
    L G Pia

  5. Lilis are wonderful, but I have those red lily bugs - they damage them all. Happy New Year.

  6. Oh, your lilies are fantastic! I've got the orange ones at my balcony, too. In Germany, they bloom around June.

  7. Lily flowers are beautiful! I really like their scent.
    All the best for 2021!

  8. They are so beautiful!! I'll have to wait 5 - 6 months for mine to bloom.

  9. Dear Arun,
    They are amazing. I can't wait to have spring again.

  10. Lilies are so beautiful flowers ... I like them so much. Thanks for youre Invitation and greetings from Germany

  11. Asian lilies are gorgeous!

    Have a fine day, Arun!

  12. It will be some time before the lilies bloom here again? At the moment there is snow!
    But when I see these beautiful flowers, then I look forward to spring.

  13. There are so beautiful and so vivid colors!
    Thank you for the presentation, Arun!
    Happy WW!

  14. Love lilies, Arun! They don't do well here but I planted some new ones anyway!

  15. Beautiful lilies! Thanks for hosting.

  16. Hello, the link party ended, but here is the link to my post
    Have a fine day, Kalle

  17. These Asian Lillies are sooo good.
    With regards


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