Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Welcome to Autumn Garden

 Autumn season can be felt in our region completely. Although this year was not  that fortunate with respect to Rainfall still Autumn has arrived on time this year.


Morning Glory blooms are  a welcoming change this time of year


(Upper row : Common Morning glory ,Beach Morning glory or Goat Foot's vine

Lower row: Elephant creeper ,Common morning glory)

It was surprising to see Goat Foot  vine or Beach Morning glory blooming which I had grown from cutting this year  in the monsoon season.


Ruellia Blooms are most rewarding ones in our hot climatic region


Plumeria blooms have been present throughout the year 


Aquatic plants blooming time


                                               (Water Hyacinth and Water Lilies )

                  Lantanas attract butterflies and bees in to the garden 


Four'O Clock is in its complete glory in the autumn season 


Adeniums have gala time in Autumn before the freezing weather sets in entirely


                              Hibiscus have just started up showing the blooms  

Jasmine varieties are seeing some last blooms in Autumn before winter sets in a month or so


                                                    (Crape Jasmine and Coral Jasmine )

                                                    Coral Jasmine or Parizad Flowers

                       It is interesting to know that coral Jasmine which has Hindu mythology significance blooms majorly for  a period of two months in the whole year that too only at night time.

Summer Annuls are at the last stage of blooming 


                                                   (Zinnia,Cosmos,Gomphrena )

I have realized that I have few of the blue and purple vines and shrubs blooming almost whole year 


                                Clockwise ( Plumbago,Clitoria,Cluster vine)

                      These will be showing some more blooms until frigid temperature sets in completely

              Clockwise(Yelloew Oleander,Knock out roses,Cypress vine,Pentas,Pink oleander)

An Indian Myna spotted feeding upon a prey on roof 


The last year visit near a fort and spectacular sunset


I have  started a link up party related to Gardening recently if you are interested to share your gardening experiences please join here at Garden Affair.


  1. Such beautiful colors! My morning glories haven't bloomed yet.

  2. Wow all of these are simply gorgeous. It is storming something wicked today and the wind is blowing my plants over to the ground.

  3. Your flower-photos loo so beautiful and the sunset is breathtaking!
    Hugs Traude

  4. Some beautiful flowers here, and a lovely shot to finish your post!
    Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-fungus-is-among-us-mushrooms.html

  5. Many colorful flowers in your garden. It all looks so beautiful. The sunset is amazing!

  6. Beautiful array of blooms. That last photo is especially gorgeous--great end to a lovely post.

  7. The bright colors you always offer us! Whenever I try to grow four o'clocks all I get are the bright magenta. They are lovely, but I always want some yellow! That is an amazing photo.

  8. What a beautiful range of color you have in your garden now, Arun! I wish my Plumeria bloomed like that - actually, I would be happy if it bloomed at all. Seeing your Adeniums makes me want to try that plant again. Your sunset view is magical too.

  9. All your collages re so beautiful <3

  10. Gorgeous variety of flowers. I would love to grow some jasmine.
    Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!

  11. Not sure what was prettier, the blooms or the sunset. You have, right now, an interesting mix of what are annuals for us (Northeast United States) and perennials that are not hardy in my climate but are grown in our south (oleander, cypress vine). One of your ruellia plants is what we call Mexican petunia - not hardy here, but I see there are several species of ruellia. My favorite? Not sure - maybe the rose/oleander collage. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  12. Your morning glories are beautiful. I love the sky shot! Have a nice weekend.

  13. Such a wonderful array of blooms, but I think my favorites may be your morning glories. And I do love the little figurine perched at the top of your post!

  14. Lovely and colourful flowers. Your sky shot is fantastic!

  15. Hello,
    Love the cute Myna bird. You sky scene is gorgeous. All the flowers are beautiful, so many lovely colors. A beautiful sight! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and stay well. Have a great day happy weekend.

  16. Wünderful the flowers and the bird!
    Your sky photo is fantastic.
    Have a good weekend, Elke

  17. The aquatic flowers are very exotic and beautiful! We saw some Lantanas blooming yesterday. They are pretty and colorful. Enjoy your weekend!

  18. What fabulous flowers! You have such a colorful garden. I love morning glories, but they grow so fast here in New Zealand that they are considered a pest.

    Your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week is greatly appreciated!!

  19. Your flowers are beautiful! Morning glories are my favourite!

  20. Morning glories will always capture my attention.

  21. Everything is postcard perfect!

    Thanks so much for taking time from your day to share this with us all at I'd Rather B Birdin'


  22. You still have a beautiful variety of flowers, Arun. The plumeria (even though I never had them) are one of my favorites, and the hydrangea in several colors. The died after some time. or the deer stripped all the leaves! Many thanks for posting these for All Seasons, and have a flowery week, Jesh

  23. Thank you for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.

  24. Came to have a cozy look and read with you and we are already here in the fall season and we are allready receiving different colors. I really liked your photos and that you also spotted the Indian Myna was surely a lucky moment. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography and I wish you cozy autumn days.


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