Saturday, 3 October 2020

Garden Affair : Succulents world

 Succulents are one of the most sought after plants due to  their intricate shapes and patterns .Growing Succulents has an advantage of not requiring much care related to watering and light as they adapt to a certain environment in few years and relatively tend to  stay with us for years with additionally giving offshoots every year. 

                  These below are some of the succulents that are hardy to grow in the hot region lie ours and had been with me for quite some time now                                          

                 (Above image 1st row  : Haworthia retusa,Huernia zebrina,Haworthia limifolia                                                                   2nd row : Tangled heart,Pencil plant,Crown of thorns.)

Succulents care

They don't need much care but strive more happily in well drained fertile soil and like to be in semi shaded environment away from direct sun.

It is the time for Garden Affair link up party. It would be my pleasure if you share your stories about succulents and cacti . This party will be open for everyone who want to share photos, thoughts, experiences related to Gardening and generally about flowers and plants.



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  1. You have such a green thumb. All of your plants are just gorgeous.

  2. I like succulents and I like what you have in your garden.

  3. Succulents are some of the most beautiful life-forms! I just love them! ❤️

  4. I have had both on the right side, above & low on. Not any more, because I have that plant munching cat :DD

  5. I love succelents. Wonderfull!
    Thanks for the invitation.
    Take care, Nicole

  6. I have hen and chicks in the outdoor garden. Love to see them spread. I have several indoor plants that I suspect are succulents as well and I really should make an effort to name them. Thanks for hosting!

  7. You've made me think I should head to the succulent garden at the Botanic Gardens. Been years!

  8. These succulents (I think most all of them) wouldn't survive one of our winters. I don't know their names - just recognize them. I have several as houseplants. One of them grew from a relative's cutting I got from her plant in 2002! Alana

  9. Ich bedanke mich herzlich für die netten Worte und die Einladung zur Linparty. Eine schöne Zeit, Gesundheit und liebe Grüße

  10. Beautiful plants. You are a talented gardener! I only take pictures of the results of other people’s hard work!


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